Implementation of new rule : Only 50cc bikes for 16-18 year olds


Prior to the implementation of a new rule, minors were granted learning licences after attaining 16 years and could ride non-geared two-wheelers. There was no control or guidelines over the cc of the vehicle at that time. But over the years there has been a rise in the death rate caused due to two-wheeler accidents. Mainly involving youth between the age group of 15-18 years. An implementation of a new rule is being taken into consideration.


Implementation of a new rule

In view of this, the central government has come out with a new rule of not permitting individuals below the age of 18 years to ride vehicles above 50 ccs (cubic centimetre) capacity.

The central government has taken the initiative in the interest of the country’s youth. The new restriction allows those who have attained 16 years of age to apply for a licence for a vehicle not exceeding 50 ccs.

The transport department of Goa following the directions of the Central Government have started implementing it in the state.”The idea is to restrict youngsters from driving high capacity motorcycles and scooters that can put their lives in danger,” an RTO official said.

The implementation of the new rule will help the youth to be safer and happy at the same time. They can get a licence and also ride a bike at the age of 16 but not exceeding 50 ccs. The impact of accidents can be really bad. Family and friends of the deceased go through a lot of grief caused due to death of their loved one.

“It is better safe than sorry”


The implementation of the new rule will be highly beneficial to the youth. Hoping the accidents would decrease. There are so many sports bikes available in Goa that are very attractive and amusing. But these bikes if given to the youth (16-18 years of age) instead of safer bikes, for whatsoever reason, can be killer machines. We should respect the decision taken by the officials and try to ensure implementation.