Is Goa a safe destination for Women to travel alone?

With violence against women reported everyday on various media, one begs to question, is travelling alone as a female safe?

Well being a young Goan. I asked myself the same question. It gives me great pleasure in saying Goans respect women. I have not heard of a case where a native Goan has acted up against female tourist. I have travelled alone at midnight by myself and haven’t been stalked, catcalled or felt unsafe. However, with that being said, you must be precautious.

Like I said Goans are respectable. But you must be responsible, for yourself and others around you. Like any other state in India, Goa is not unassailable. Off late there have been a few cases where tourists have come and made their home in this state. And yes they have misbehaved with other tourists.


A few travel tips to stay safe for female tourists:

  • Don’t walk alone on the beach at night. Since it is secluded, there are many things that can go wrong.
  • Avoid going to clubs. Many people are high and there is a possibility they could do something dumb. If you want to experience the Goan nightlife, go with a friend or in a group.
  • Do not drink and drive. I repeat do not. I mentioned it earlier that you are responsible for yourself and others.
  • Follow the safety norms and don’t get into an argument with anyone. I admit we are a little temperamental.

Here is how to enjoy Goa:

  • Goan cuisine is scrumptious. I recommend that you try the Goan fish thali and Chicken Cafereal.
  • Go trekking and kayaking. It is the best way to experience the wild side of the state.

Lastly, since you will be making a trip here, enjoy yourself. Goa is known for its ‘susegad’ (relaxed) life. Flea Markets in Goa are the best places to shop, with very stylish outfits at reasonably low costs (depending on your bargaining skills). Swim the various beaches and get super tanned. People here are friendly and are fluent in Konkani, English and Hindi.

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