San Diego, Maryland, Melbourne and New York boast of something in common a place called Little Italy.By the something in common a place called Little Italy. By the serene creek at Baga, Goa too has its Little Italy, J&A’s Jamshed and Ayesha’s specialty restaurant. However, their preparations cannot be considered little anymore. With constant innovation right form 1995, the duo has fine-tuned the authenticity of Italian cuisine. For starters, try the Carpaccio. While a Carpaccio can be prepared with fish, veal, vension, tuna, etc., Jamshed has taken the preparation to a new dimension. The fresh red undercut is rolled till it becomes a runner and then frozen till the guest order reaches the kitchen. The runner is then cut and the tissue-thin meat is drizzled with olive oil, lemon and parmesan cheese. Simply melting. It takes more than a little time for this preparation. Or try their wood-fired pizzas they will fire up the unceasing discharge of gastric juices.

Your eyes will feast on designed lasagna, which is home made. The pastas have a design made with natural food colours spinach and beetroot. In between the sheets (about three layers) are the layers of seafood shrimp, calamari and fish. It is not only what lies between the sheets that matters but also the eye for little details. Another ‘innovative’ preparation is the Twice Baked Cheese Souffle. ‘Twice’ not because two cheeses Parmesan and Ricotta are used in the preparation but because it is baked one more time. The soufflé is baked till it rises and gets a fluffy crust. And just before it leaves the kitchen it rises again. A simple hot soufflé has added a little more dimension to one of quality. It is after all Jamshed and Ayesha’s ‘Little’ Italy Ristorante where the little has surpassed all norms.


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