John Godfrey Saxe’s version of the famous Indian legend, ‘The Blind Men and the Elephant’ come to mind as you enter the resort. Remember elephants are vegetarian, and if you pass this mammoth creature which stands guard at the entrance you might feel the pull to visit their ‘pure vegetarian’ restaurant ‘Jalsa’ Getting back to the poetry “The Blind Men and the Elephant” Let’s start backward with the sixth man. The sixth seizing the swinging tail said the elephant is very much like a rope. This restaurant has roped in cuisines from Gujarat and Rajasthan. The maharajs who do the preparations come from the specific region. The fifth, who touched the ear, felt that this resembles a fan. The array of preparations on the thali as decided by the chef will be placed in front of you in a colourful display like a fan.

The all time favourite Khandvi (gramflour and curd rolled like a cigar and tampered)… smoke up that appetite, or the Khaman Dhokla (a fruit salt leavened batter of gramflour and curd, steamed before being tempered). Maybe the Suti Pattice (Potato cakes stuffed with mashed green peas). Fan up your appetite for the mains. The fourth reached out and felt the elephant is very like a tree. The menu is well balanced and sturdy as many vegetables are used in the preparations. The third took the squirming trunk within his hands, and felt it very like a snake. Does one wriggle around in ecstasy? Yes in addition to the food, their Chaas, Indian desserts, are worth a mention. The second, feeling of the tusk, found it smooth and sharp very like a spear: Not many entrepreneurs would like to have a pure vegetarian restaurant. The first approached the elephant, and happening to fall, felt the elephant is very much like a wall. When it comes to pure vegetarian food, this restaurant stands firm like a wall in consistency and quality.

The traditional preparations… Undhiyoo made of lentil pods,yam and sweet potato, the traditional Rajasthani Dal and Dal Bati (dumplings of whole wheat flour) to name a few, anytime, any day the preparation remains constant in taste and texture. And with a menu changing daily, the blind men for once are all in the right.


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