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In Goa, the beaches have endless surprises for you. From amongst the ‘never-ending-thrill-giving-experience’ beaches, The Colva, Calangute, Mobor, Miramar and Rajbaga beach give you a better advantage of the waters. The most fun way one could take advantage of the waters is through jet-skiing. And that’s precisely what you’ll get a real taste of. That’s, of course, if you’re all about being overwhelmed by the waves. And you would know better that more risks would eventually be more fun. They know it too. So they even offer you a choice of picking your ski and letting the high speed boat race you wildly through the waves. Enjoy the toss but make sure you catch your breath. The experience gets out those goosebumps but the fun part about that is that you’ll only love it. The speed, that takes for a toss is, is run by 150 hp engines, so if you really think you’re all about getting tossed between waves, then have not the slightest doubt for a shot. Give your choice a chance and discover, you couldn’t have chosen anything better!

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