John’s Boat Tours takes you for a ‘row, row, row the boat, gently down the stream’ experience. And ‘Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, life is but a dream’ is exactly what you’ll feel. Expand your experience further than merely bus trips, car drives or motorbike rides. Book a tour with John’s Boat Tours and they sure won’t disappoint you. Mind you, this isn’t just any boat with any oars, but go for an exquisite boat journey as the boat offers a guest house accommodation.

The boats are designed with in a ‘Kerala’ type design, this tour will definitely save you the expense of travelling to Kerala just for their houseboats. While they gently row you along the river side, curiosity will only get the better of you. Get a good look at the birds that hide between branches along the mangroves, get to know the two nature dressed islands, Chorao and Divar. Drop by one of the well known bird sanctuaries, the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Oh but you have to watch out. Because the crocodiles that lurk about may suddenly catch your sight.

And ‘if you see a crocodile, don’t forget to scream!’. As much as this experience opens doors to get a look at the river banks of Goa, it is also meant for the ones that want to add a bit of dare to their fun. Take it from ‘John Rodrigues’ himself. He will tell you about the ‘Mugger Crocodile’ and its whereabouts. When it comes to its whereabouts, the two rivers that find the ‘Mugger’ crocodiles existence is at the Opa River and Cambarjua. Once you know you’re approaching their property, don’t be nervous.

They are believed to be less harmful as compared to their salt­water cousins, which enjoy meat of livestock and humans. So, you better keep a look out if you’re one of those people who find playing dare a fun. While you enjoy the goose-bump experience, you can always avail of their other offers too. Either go for their sunrise or sunset trip, or their backwater experiences or fishing trips. For the lovers, they even give you a ‘row under a starry night’ experience. Make memories under this splendid guest house roof and enjoy the ‘life is but a dream’ experience.

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Candolim Beach Rd, On Holiday Street, Near Newton’s Super Market, Candolim, Goa – 403515.