Why is June 23 an important date for Goans?


Goan Portuguese passport holders will have to wait till June 23, 2016 for a breath of relief or a cry of despair. As many in Goa are aware, Britain is holding a referendum on the most important decision. This affects not only its citizens, but also the people from foreign countries whose business interests, jobs etc maybe affected.

The mentioned referendum is about the people of UK (United Kingdom) deciding whether to leave the EU (European Union) or stay with it. EU is an economic and political partnership between 28 member countries, which was founded after the end of World War two. The basic idea was; trading partners were less likely to go to war with each other.

This has influenced the EU to having its own currency that is the Euro (Used by 19 members as their currency). This has integrated all the members together as ‘one market’ allowing the free flow of trade, workers etc across it.
One of the biggest advantages provided to Goans from the EU was Portugal being a member state. The process of migration to Britain became easier for anyone possessing a Portuguese passport. Hence, so many Goans have gotten Portuguese passports for better prospects in England.

Since the referendum will decide whether Britain should remain in the EU or not. It will directly impact Goans, when it comes to migrating there. If Britain does exit, termed as ‘Brexit’, Goans will no more have the advantages that a Portuguese passport provided them; While UK was a member of the EU.