Kalacha Beach Paliyem And How It Got The Name Palolem

Kalacha Beach Paliyem, additionally referred to as Palolem Beach, remains nearly as unspoiled nowadays as it was once earlier than tourism changed the Goan coast.  
Only some charming restaurant huts are there to one facet of the shore exhibit the outcomes of the closing few decades. This location is well-known for its picturesque freshwater lagoon and a relaxed, bohemian vibe. Music sessions usually take place round a campfire, a superb vicinity to meet different travellers. This is an untouched haven, away from the trouble of companies and massive vacationer groups. This idyllic Kalacha Beach Paliyem in Goa is surrounded by means of forests and has some rocky parts. Make your way over to a freshwater lagoon named Vagkolam, or Sweet Water Lake.  
It is set towards a backdrop of mossy, inexperienced hills at the stop of the beach. Look out for captivating natural world of this stunning place, such as monkeys and uncommon birds, amongst the tropical vegetation round the lake. 

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In the warm Arabian Sea, take a dip and then take a seat below the swaying palm timber to soak up the sun. It’s effortless and very peaceable right here to flow off to sleep due to the fact, the sound of the rolling waves of this serene seaside has a soothing impact and the seaside is typically quiet. At sunset, mingle with the locals and backpackers for a jam session around an open fire.  
Grab a chew to consume at one of the small shacks alongside the beach.  
Try out the scrumptious Indian fish curry, organized with the seizing of the day and fragrant spices. Barter with neighbourhood carriers at the few stalls close to the seaside to buy some handicrafts, rings or hippie-style beachwear. 

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Activities in Kalacha Beach Paliyem  
Adventurists can try paragliding or hang gliding from the beach’s northern hilltop by arranging a tour in Arambol village. Adventure activities in Kalacha Beach are Boat rides, Parasailing, Fishing, Trekking, and Hang Gliding 


How to reach Kalacha Beach Paliyem 

Kalacha Beach is located just north of Arambol on Goa’s west coast. This beautiful Kalacha beach is only accessible on foot from the village. From central Goa, take a bus or hire a bike, taxi or scooter to get to Arambol and walk the rest. Kalacha Beach is easily accessible on foot from Querim Beach, another secluded paradise.  

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Hidden path over rocklands 

Few adventures lovers trek over the rocklands to reach Kalach beach directly from Arambol, some prefer trekking over the green hills (though the trekking option is seasonal and needs proper guidance to avoid the wilds). We stayed at Mandrem (a nearby beach), so we rented scootys and head on towards Kalacha beach early in the morning. 

Discovering the Kalacha beach road is not an easy job; it passed through a congested area and is difficult to expect the presence of such a beautiful beach nearby. After halting the scooty on parking, you have to walk through a beachside local market until natural rock sculptures are visible on the seashore. 

Passing through the seaside rocky landscape is not less than a short hiking trip, especially if you have children in your team, but the magnificent wide-angle view of Kalacha beach encourages you to cross the rocky barrier as fast as possible. 

Best time to visit Kalacha Beach 

Visit the area between October and May if you want to avoid monsoons. Kalacha Beach is a small and serene beach located to the south of Querim beach and is known for its sweet water lagoon. The beach has some shacks where you can grab something to eat. Accommodation near this Kalacha beach is primarily at local homes and guest houses. Kalacha Beach has located 30 km. From Mapusa and from Panaji 42 km. The beach can only be reached on foot by taking a walk along the north of Arambol beach. 

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