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Talking about eco tourism and nature, Kayaking trips in Goa lead the pack specializing in excursions along the coast, rivers and the backwaters of Goa.Throughout the year, daily kayaking trips are run even during the monsoons, in the safest and beautiful rivers of Goa – some of them namely the Zuari, the Mandovi, the Sal backwaters and the Nerul River.

Maintaining the natural ecosystems which are found in the mangroves, backwaters, river coves and mini bays are also important to us and therefore, eating, smoking and removal of shell/ plants / orchids / flowers for souvenirs is strictly prohibited in these areas.

The Goa Kayaking Club provides club members, both local and international, and special members with expeditions, picnics, day outings, moonlight kayaking, barbeques, kayak races, river kayak festivals, etc. In order to avoid over-crowding, the count of the different groups are limited which ensures that the activity continues to be on a low scale while still maintaining a high quality.
Goa Kayaking in association with Goa Sailboats now provides the best experience in recreational dinghy sailing in the Hollant Velsao Bay area – reputed as the safest sailing area on the West Coast of India, enjoying comfortable sunny weather, with favourable trade winds throughout the fair sailing season.


Goa Kayaking’s Adventure Unlimited provides a complete aqua experience with land based adventures, over a period of 6 days – enough to satisfy any and all ages of visitors to the state.

Goa Kayaking also provides all the equipment required like kayaks, paddles, sailing dinghies, boats, PFDs/lifejackets, paddle leashes, etc. All kayaks are top of the line, solo and tandem, sit on top kayaks, highly rated for maneuverability and tracking in rivers, backwaters and coastal surf zones.

Special training programs are held during the summer vacations (April & May), Diwali Holidays (October – November) and Christmas break in addition to the year-round training facilities which are readily available.

Unlike others, they prefer to offer their guests, only sit on top kayaks as these are the best suited to enjoy and relax in our warm and inviting tropical climes.

We have different kayaks which are ideally suited for couples, friends, children and families.

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