The world’s favourite chicken is now in Goa, to paraphrase the catch line of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the global fast food chain, which started its first outlet in Goa in October 2010. Though business is still to pic up, you get all the standard KFC goodies here, like Hot Wings. And the Chicken Meal. If you’re looking for a complete meal go for the Chicken Rice Meal (Rs.119) or if you’re looking for a burger, there’s the Chicken Snacker (Rs.35) But they also have a few vegetarian options like the Veg Zinger Meal (Rs.100) which comes with veg cutlet and the smaller Veggie Snacker (Rs.25) and for a complete meal you can try the Veggie Rice Meal (Rs.120). The taste of course is the best that you can expect of fast food. Plus French Fries, Makhni Curry. Veggie Pulao, Corn on the Cob and Sundaes.

0832 2231243/ 45
C Mall, Caculo Enclave, St Inez-Miramar Road, Panaji,Goa.
Neelam Grand, Near Jack Sequeira Junction, Calangute, Goa.


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