The Knowledge is Power initiative moves forward with its next edition in Goa


Women have always been an oppressed lot. History tells many tales of horrors done to women. While it was mostly unheard of in the past, social media has seen to it that more people talk about such atrocities and also try to create awareness and empower women to stand up for themselves. These are dialogues that must happen regularly so that the momentum is not lost. Think Geek Media feels the same too. With the success of the first edition, graced by the presence of Ms. Sathya Sara, one of India’s well-known personalities and also the former editor of Femina magazine, they now bring us the second edition between 31st August and 1st September 2018. It’s clear that the Knowledge is Power initiative is fast becoming something to look forward to.

Think Geek Media presents the second edition of the EMPOWER #KnowledgeisPower initiative

The tagline of this initiative is ’empowered women empower women’ and it holds true every day. The EMPOWER #KnowledgeisPower empowerment initiative is a CSR endeavor to #Inform #Inspire #Influence in creating and supporting present and future thought leaders of our collective society and community.

Ethel da Costa, Founder-CEO of Think Geek Media had invited Ms. Saran to Goa for the first edition last month. It was an enlightening affair with dialogues on thought leadership, well being, self-care, and empowerment of the spirit being the center of attraction. The event was held at the newly built Andores Resort and Spa in Calangute. Other collaborators included Mr. Nitin Bandekar of 1930 Vasco, Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and Community partner – Go Womania besides Mr. Edgar Afonso and Mr. Joel Fernandes from Andores.

The plan for the initiative is to bring personalities from different fields like Art, Film, Music, and Women’s issues to Goa once a month. The idea behind it is to create a shared environment for inspirational learning, self-development, information sharing platforms.

Transformational Author-Sports Entrepreneur, Sonalli Gupta will be in Goa for this edition

After the success of Ms. Saran’s presence in Goa, it’s now the turn of Transformational Author-Sports Entrepreneur, Sonalli Gupta to come to Goa and share her experiences with us. Ms. Gupta has many feathers in her cap. She is the author of `Love, Life, and Everything in Between,’ owner of Magika Asteria (Mumbai’s champion women’s throw ball team), and a Business `whisperer.’ Ms. Gupta is also a sought-after speaker-entrepreneur, who strongly believes in empowering her audiences and contributing towards building holistic self-relationships, to fostering healthy body positivity.

It doesn’t end there. Ms. Gupta has also received multiple accolades in her field of expertise. She is also actively involved social good having been the former Founder- President (junior wing) of the social organization, Archana Trust Suburban, besides her passion for regular rendezvous with Audi Mumbai.

EMPOWER Schedule Aug 31-Sept 1:


Book Launch – Love, Life, and Everything in Between By Sonalli Gupta
Master Class – `Claim, not Shame your Body’
Venue: Dhempe College, Panjim
Time: 11.30am sharp


Book Launch – Love, Life, and Everything in Between By Sonalli Gupta
Master Class – `Claim, not Shame your Body’
Venue: Carmel College, Nuvem
Time: 10.30am sharp


Book Launch – Love, Life, and Everything in Between By Sonalli Gupta in association with Rotary Club of Margao Sunrise
Interactions and discussions on community participation towards creating Social Good
The launch of WGM (world’s greatest meal campaign) to raise funds for polio eradication by Rotary Club Margao Sunrise
Venue: Nanutel Hotel, Margao
Time: 3.30pm sharp

Open to Invitees, Guests, and General Public

EMPOWER is Supported by Rotary Club of Margao Sunrise

In association with Andores Resort & Spa, Dhempe College of Arts & Sciences, Carmel College for Women, Nuvem

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Think Geek Media