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Why Ignoring These Lakes in Goa Will Give You Insomnia

When we think of Goa it just brings forth snap shots of stunning seashores and tremendous meals and drinks. The stunning state on the western section of India is properly recognised for its amazing way of life and, of course, the prosperous history left in the back of the Portuguese. A lesser-known enchantment is the lakes in Goa.

Even if you are now not anywhere close to the beach, you can definitely experience the best cool breeze and serene spots to spend some time soaking in the beauty of nature. Today we will be checking out some of the most well-known lakes in Goa.

Carambolim Lakes, Goa

Also known by the name Karmali Lake, this is regarded to be one of the greatest lakes in Goa. Owing to the extraordinarily serene and eye-pleasing surroundings, this lake is pretty famous in Goa amongst travellers as well as locals.

If you prefer to go bird-watching in Goa, then this is the proper area for you! Carambolim Lake is simply the proper area to spend some time with your self in peace while looking at the sun going down.

Location: Corlim, North Goa

Image Source: thegoavilla.com

Mayem Lakes, Goa

Located in North Goa, Mayem Lake is one of the most picturesque view the state is recognised for and for that reason receives many site visitors throughout the year; although the best time to come right here is from October to March.

This freshwater lake lies in a hilly forested area, which is pretty forested and so the view of the environment from the lakeside is genuinely enchanting.
Besides taking part in the vegetation and fauna at Mayem Lake, you can take a quick day trip from right here to go to the Corjeum Fort, Chamundi and Rudreshwar temples, or the Arvalem Waterfall and Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.

Location: Mayem, North Goa

Image Source: mygoldengoa.com

Netravali Lake, Goa

Located in the front of Shri Gopinath Temple, the Netravali Lake can also be referred to as a step as well and is one of the beautiful lakes in Goa. The special characteristic of this beautiful lake in Goa is the bubble formation.

Though there is no perfect clarification for this phenomenon, it is believed that some structure of fuel is released from beneath the lake that reasons the bubbles to form. The bubble formation intensity will increase when anybody claps.

This crystal-clear cool water lake is a quality vicinity to visit.

Location: Netravali, South Goa

Image Source: whatshot.com

Ambulor Lake, Goa

Located close to the Verna Industrial Estate, Ambulor Lake, additionally regarded as Verna Lake, is the ideal vicinity for bird watchers.

Surrounded via lush greenery, this freshwater lake is a haven for native and migratory birds. When you go to this place, simply take a seat lower back and loosen up and experience the peacefulness and calmness here.

Location: Salcette, South Goa

Image Source: mygoldengoa.com

Arambol Sweet Water Lake, Goa

Locally known as Vagkolam Lake, Arambol Sweet Water Lake is one of the fascinating attractions in Goa. This freshwater lake lies close to the Arabian Sea, which floods it with saltwater pretty often.

It is fed by using warm springs and consequently, the combination of each salt and spring water makes this lake’s water style sweet-salty.

An interesting observation made by locals is that the outline of this lake resembles the silhouette of a playing whale or dolphin.
The lake is exactly located around the Paliem beach, north of the Arambol Beach.

Location: Paliyem, North Goa

Image Source: tripadvisor.in

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