Lakes of Goa You Must visit for Bliss

The popularity of Goa is mainly due to its beautiful beaches, but that’s not all Goa has. The beautiful lakes of Goa are not known to many. The lakes of goa have beautiful scenery which possess aura of flora and fauna. With their calm and natural ambiance and recreation facilities such as boating, they catch the attention of the tourists. Most of the lakes are home to migratory birds and attract ornithologists and bird watchers.

Lakes of Goa

Paliem Sweet Water Lake

Paliem is a tiny cove that is situated between Keri beach to the north and Arambol beach to the south. It is accessible from both beaches by foot, though walking from Keri is longer and more challenging. From Arambol, the walk is a bit easier. Head to the north side of the beach where the rocks mark the headland and follow a path around the shacks, stalls and cafes to Paliem. The lake is not accessible by road. The lake is popularly known for its sweet water and cleansing mud that can be found around the lake. The lake is gracefully located, surrounded  by the beautiful hills and the sea crashing onto the shore. The lucky traveler might even have the sight of a school of dolphins on the horizon.

Bubbling Lake

The Bubbling Lake or Budbudyanchi Tali as it is popularly known in Goa is located in Netravali in the Sanguem taluka. It is a sacred tank which is attached to the Gopinath temple. The lake sees continuous rising of bubbles to the surface on different spots. The bubbles are known to increase in intensity if someone claps or makes a loud sound.  The lake is survived by a laterite masonry with a flight of stairs all around leading to the sacred tank. There are various theories about the origin of the bubbles, both scientific and ancient. To get to Netravali one can catch a bus from Margao.


Carambolim Lake

The Carambolim Lake is situated approximately 2 kilometers away from the Karmali Railway Station. It is a popular destination on the birding map of India. Bird watchers gather along the edges of the lake during the winter months when a wide range of birds flock to the lake during migration. The varieties of birds include waterfowls, egrets, herons, pintails, coots, jacanas and many more! The lake is a man-made fresh water lake built for irrigating the fields nearby. The lake is surrounded by paddy fields, trees and woodland making it picturesque.

Mayem Lake

This is one of the more famous lakes in Goa and also a popular tourist destination. Mayem lake is located in the Bicholim taluka of Goa. Located amidst rolling hills and surrounded by countryside, the lake is one of the most pristine nature spots in Goa. The scenic view and the calm waters make this an ideal place for boating. The Goa Tourism Development Department has developed a boating area and a resort here which is flocked by tourists and locals. To get to Mayem Lake one can catch a bus either from Panjim or Mapusa to Bicholim and from there on catch a bus to Mayem Lake.

Sarzora Lake

The Sarzora lake is one of Goa’s secluded places. It is situated approximately 8 kms away from Margao. The lush green fields and the serene landscape make Sarzora  an ideal peace lover’s paradise. The lake is man-made and the water is stored for irrigation purposes. It is surrounded by a forest cover on two sides and houses a variety of birds. Sarzora has a rich culture and has traditions going back ages, most of which are still being followed today.


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