Communicare Trust

Learn a new language with the Communicare Trust in Goa


Each language has its own take on the world. That’s why a translation can never be absolutely exact, and therefore, when you enter another language and speak with its speakers, you become a slightly different person; you learn a different sort of world – Kate Grenville. Well, she isn’t far off. Sometimes, you don’t even need words to communicate. However, the Communicare Trust doesn’t want you to struggle that much. Which is why they are here, in Goa, to help you learn not one, but many, different languages.

What is the Communicare Trust?

The Communicare Trust is an NGO that centers its work around breaking down barriers through the power of languages. Through languages, they hold various activities for the community and even offer classes in different languages for everyone.

The Czechs have a saying, “you live one life for each language you speak.” Therefore, in their estimation, knowing one language is only enough to live one life. The Communicare Trust’s aim is to change that. Even the name of the cultural centre subtly reveals their aim: Communicare means “communication” in Latin, a language that is the origin of many of the European languages. However, Communicare doesn’t restrict itself to just European languages like Portuguese, French, Spanish, and German etc. They also have classes in Hindi and Konkani as well as other Indian languages for those who want to learn. It’s especially useful for the foreigners that visit and sometimes end up living here.

At the Communicare Trust, you not only learn languages but about different cultures too

Learning a new language is so very important in this day and age. It’s not just that you learn to write and speak; you learn about a brand new culture that is so different from your own. In the case of learning a new language at Communicare, when they held classes in Spanish, students got to learn a little bit more. They were also taught Salsa, which is a popular dance form from Latin America. The students that opted for Portuguese, got to learn all about Portugal through music and films. Additionally, they learned how to prepare Portuguese dishes too.

Hotels also hire teachers from the Communicare Trust to come and each their employees languages so that they may communicate better with guests. The Taj hotels are one such hotel chain that has done this.

The Communicare Trust’s language courses are extremely popular. The centre’s most important aim is in educating children. They hold classes in Portuguese and Spanish for children once a week at the centre. They also hold classes at places like Bookworm in Taleigao and Rosary College in Navelim (South Goa). Besides, this, they also hold workshops and courses in other locations in Goa where the need arises.

Other activities

The Communicare Trust isn’t just dedicated to language courses. They also have a workshop that deals with educating people on waste management. It’s called the Magic Box workshop.

At Christmas, they organize a Food Bank where they ask people to donate certain food items of a certain quantity. This is all then distributed to orphanages in the state.

The Trust also organizes a quiz called Kaleidoscope, usually in November or January. It’s a televised event.

In addition to all this, they also keep themselves busy by organizing other cultural events, competitions and workshops and even theatrical activities. Most recently, they organized a collaboration between a Goan school and a Portuguese school and released a lovely book. The title is ‘Histórias Daqui e Dali’. Check it out when you can.

Meet the trustees of the Communicare Trust

A charitable trust or NGO can’t operate on its own and the Communicare Trust is no different. According to their website, there are 6 trustees, the most featured being Nalini Elvino de Sousa, who also happens to run the centre. Other trustees include Dr. Bossuet Afonso, one of Goa’s most well-known surgeons and Darryl Pereira, Founder and Managing Director of the Reira Group.

As you can see, it’s not easy doing this kind of work. However, in the end, the aim is simple. At the Communicare Trust, they just want to teach everyone to appreciate other civilizations, people, make friends and expand their horizons. And they do this using mediums like music, dance, food, film and not just languages.

So if you would like to be a volunteer or just join a language class, check out the ComTrust website for information and contact details. The centre is located in Dona Paula.

They are also on Facebook so you can have a look at their page to find out about all sorts of exciting events and activities.

Information credit – ComTrust website