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Learning for real with Parallel Circuit Goa, located in Panjim


Education is one of the most important parts of anyone’s life. We start with playschool and end with university. But it’s the in-between period that sometimes confuses students. By the time these students have reached standard 10, they are often confused and end up choosing subjects that they may not be equipped to deal with. Sometimes, they only end up in those situations because they got a percentage in their board exams that allowed them to take up those subjects. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t always work out well for everyone. And therefore, the Parallel Circuit Goa is here to change all that for the kids that are still in school.

Parallel Circuit Goa – Real education for the Real You

These days, education is a highly competitive field. What better way than to get a head start in preparing oneself for all the hurdles that appear along the way? Parallel Circuit Goa plans to help out with just that.

An educational hub like this wouldn’t have been possible without the minds of 4 ladies. All of them are from the education field, each having her own specialization in helping the kids build stronger foundations for themselves. They are Jennifer Parras, Charlene Farrell, Cheryl Pinto and Sulata Lotlikar.

Parallel Circuit Goa has been formed to impart relevant education which is of a dire need today. They aim to conduct home schooling tutorials for IGCSE and NIOS open school, regular tutorials for other subjects as well as counselling sessions for those that need them. It’s going to be hard work but these 4 teaching professionals know what they are doing.

When asked if there was a set curriculum or if they would design courses for each child individually, Jennifer had this to say. “It’s a set way through activities but each individual child will be able to do it at their own pace.So they will get individual attention. Unlike tuition centres that have huge classrooms and each one to fend for themselves and rote learning, this will be entirely activity-based and interactive.”

Basically, they aim to give the kids something to learn through activities and grasp things at their own pace. They would like to avoid overloading them with information. Everyone at Parallel Circuit Goa believes that even tutorials can be done through activities paired with life skills.

So let’s find out what these ladies are about and how they got to creating Parallel Circuit Goa.

Meet the ladies of Parallel Circuit Goa

Charlene Farrell

Charlene Farrell has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Diploma in Guidance and Counselling. She is not just passionate about counselling students, parents, and others with various emotional, behavioral and psychological issues but she loves teaching too. She’s been teaching psychology to grades 11 and 12 under the CBSE board for the past four years. Besides having a passion for education she also writes and has been writing columns in various papers over the years. Last year, she was a speaker at the TEDx event held by Sunshine Worldwide School where she spoke about parenting.

Jennifer Parras

Jennifer Parras has a post-graduate degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. She started her career as a journalist but realized she felt happier teaching kids and gave up journalism for teaching. A former teacher at the Sunshine school, she taught English for 5 years for classes 5th to 10th and Mass Media for classes 11th and 12th for the last 4 years under the CBSE board.

Cheryl Pinto

Cheryl Pinto studied Science in college and then got her B.Ed. She has taught at GBSE, IGCSE and CBSE boards over 8 years. Her passion for teaching uses concepts based on applicative activities and it is what has kept her on her toes while teaching in school. She has now decided to venture out into new horizons with 3 of her colleagues and build on this idea so much that it becomes a norm in the teaching field.

Sulata Lotlikar

Sulata Lotlikar majored in English Literature and then completed her PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling. Since then she has been a counselor and teacher at a residential school in Mount Abu. She was also a counselor at a school in Goa as well as at the Goa Institute of Management.

Parallel Circuit Goa is located in St. Inez. Check out their Facebook page for more information. You can even give them a call on +91 9011121323 or email them at [email protected]. The ladies are here and they are ready to help.

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