LED light fishing permitted beyond 12 nautical miles


Fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado informed the State Legislative assembly that light-emitting diode LED light fishing was permitted beyond 12 nautical miles. The area within 12 nautical miles is under Goa’s jurisdiction. However, two conditions were imposed on boat owners for using the LED light fishing method.

Two conditions for using LED light fishing method:

  • The boat owners have to submit an affidavit stating that they would not fish in state waters.
  • Trackers would be installed to verify the Boat’s location.

“There is no problem if they go beyond 12 nautical miles for fishing. We have put only two conditions on them……” stated the Fisheries Minister.

Earlier, in May, this year, the Goa government had banned the use of LED lights by trawlers for fishing.   The traditional fishermen (Ramponkar) had been demanding a ban on fishing with the help of LED lights which attract a large number of fish due to their powerful glow underwater. Ramponkars had claimed that their use would lead to a fish famine in Goa waters.

Now that the ban is lifted, it may be a boon to some, but we hope it won’t affect our waters and the livelihood of our fishermen.