Leda revolves around the minds of diners. It is named after the ninth and smallest moon revolving around the largest planet Jupiter. One can sit on the pavement outside a la Paris style, or on comfortable sofas indoor…or perch on high stools…a great lounging haunt. Yes that is the lounge bar.Make it a Mint Mojito or a Leda Cosmopolitan, the bar is stocked with spirits that can keep you revolving for hours….as you nurse a large or small. A tit bit of advice…’make it large’ as the advertisements say, the night will remain young with music to perk up those senses. But for those who would like to feast on the chef’s delicacies…move up to the upper storey – the area for fine dining. Start with Malabari Prawns. Crispy fried with rice flour, the curry leaf flavoring is predominant. Hot…hot…hot, a great way to begin.

Another unusual favourite not found in restaurants in Goa is the Coorgi Pandi Curry….a homestyle curry with cumin and black pepper and kuchkully (kokum) Uumm! Combine that with hot Appams…..aammm! The resounding sounds will emerge unconsciously. Indian or continental…the menu has it all. Murgh Tikka Nawabi or Pork Chops marinated chef’s style. The preparations revolve around planet earth…here one does not need the moon to do it. And for the finale….the favourites are Fried Ice Cream and Baileys Chocolate Mousse on waffles. Don’t waffle around here. That mousse is one to die for…soft creamy smoothness like the moonbeams that play around on a full moon night. Enough of mooning right now…Leda makes the experience large for you.

0832 2781458
Colva Beach, Colva, Goa.


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