Time to ‘Uncork the Champaigne’ for Dona Paula-Miramar Residents!

Fed up of being on the receiving end for two and a half years of traffic congestion, dust and innumerable other problems, the residents of Dona Paula-Miramar took matters into their own hands and threw open the Dona Paula-Miramar Road for traffic. One high ranking professional was so delighted at the road being finally open that he suggested ‘It was time to uncork the Champagne.’

The Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) to the bafflement of many, in February 2014 decided to dig up a perfectly carpeted road and had no road-map on repairing it in the near future. Why? remains a question to be answered and that too for how long! The digging up of the road has caused a great deal of commotion to the public and more so for the people who commuted on that road on a regular basis. The road now looks smaller than what it was before the new two-lane road on both sides.

After three long years of waiting, commuters are still anxiously waiting for the day the Dona Paula-Miramar road will be dust free, pothole free and bear resemblance to what was famously called the Miramar ‘highway’.


MVR Infra Projects, the contractor of the whopping Rs. 72 crore project will continue to work on the remaining part of the much awaited road. In the meantime, thanks to the residents, the road is thrown open.

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