The Local Beat

‘The Local Beat’ – Experience Vintage Goa through the eyes of a local


The Local Beat was born out of a desire to showcase “sobit Goi” (beautiful Goa) through the eyes of ‘locals’, the ‘gaunkars’, those born and brought up in Goa – Like the village ‘poder’ (baker), ‘padre’ (Catholic priest), ‘bhatt’ (Hindu priest), ‘dudhkaars’ (milkmen) & even the local auto rickshaw-driver.

The Local Beat

So, after scouring Goa and chatting with locals across villages, Mackinlay and his friend emerged a storehouse of wealth in terms of picnic spots, lakes, ponds, ‘zorrs’ (natural springs), bunds, canals, mangroves, islands, and quiet towns rife with heritage sites unheard of. They wanted to showcase those detours that are easily missed out.  Accordingly, Mackinlay hand-picks each outing or ‘Pasoi’ to suit his guests. Every outing is different and one can expect the unexpected, a surprise undisclosed which he prefers to keep a secret.

“Anything worth doing well is best-done ‘sussegado’.  What better way to relax, unwind and chill than to be like a local, walk like a local, talk like a local, eat like a local and get the locals perspective The Local Beat way,” says Mackinlay.

Treating Guests to the local ‘pez’ and ‘lonche’ made on a wood fire

The ‘loafs ’ include fun try-out local passions like jive (a dance), tile-painting (azulejos), pottery, jam-making or cherry plucking, all done by experts.  And stories best heard from locals, besides an encounter with ‘Torcato, Zuzurate, Farrusco’ and other village cows, dogs, chickens, and cats.

‘The Local Beat’ offers all the above experiences and more.  Every trip is carefully put together by the two friends after understanding what their guests want. Besides, The Local Beat arranges hotel pick-ups & drops, an accompanied local expert, nick-knacks, et al. Its vacation time, so leave all the heavy-lifting to The Local Beat!

Serenaders bringing you some Goan golden oldies

Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the trips organized by ‘The Local Beat’:

  • A Village Loaf :

Stream under a Portuguese era bridge, go fishing/ crabbing in a boat, sip on freshly plucked coconuts, refresh at a zorr (natural spring)…lunch on a balcão. Later,  try out pottery /baking /jam-making, etc. on the sunset stroll, you just may be lucky if a 100 birds oblige with a glorious fly-past…as savor the sights and stories over ‘chao’ (tea) and ‘alle-belle’ (stuffed pancakes).

Timing: 11 am to 5:30 pm. Cost: Rs.2000 onward per person depending on group size.


  • Passoi de Fontainhas :

Considered as Nova Goa (New Goa) or the Latin Quarter, once a marshy swamp, today it is the charming vintage-world locality called Fontainhas. The place hosts a natural spring right in the middle of the Capital and deep inside a 50-meter tunnel, locals perform the ‘ladainha’ (litany-a latin prayer usually in song) even today. You get to saunter down nostalgic narrow lanes and see colorful European-style houses, galleries, schools, cafes, tavernas, goldsmiths, the Igreza de Nossa Senhora da Immaculada Conceição with fascinating otherwise unheard stories from the locals  & ghozalio (chit-chat) at a local’s home. Later try your hand at painting ‘azulejos’ (tiles). Finally, settle among the wonderful colours of flowers and trees at Jardim Garcia de Orta.

Timing: 5pm to 10pm. Cost: Rs. 2000 onward onwards per person depending on group size. (min 2/ max 12).

  • Finding Feni :

Meander through traditional paths, shrubs and compound walls. Around dongors (hillsides) into the bhattis (distilleries). Pluck cashews, squash cashews and eat some too. While the BBQ is being set, sing and dance to the foot-tapping music of our modish serenaders/brass band. The sweet intoxication of the cashew plantation garnished with the food and music will leave you utterly refreshed.

Timing: 11amto 3 pm. (Seasonal from mid-March to mid-June) Cost: Rs.3,400 onward per person depending on the size of the group.

  • A Lil’ Bit of Rhythm, A Lot of Soul :

Get groovin’ n boogeyin’ with our local dance experts. You will be taught the basics in lively dances like jive or salsa or bachata over a couple of hours in convenient locations. Then head out to a local’s hangout for a dance social. Feel the beat & groove to the rhythm bit by bit.            

Timing: 6 pm onwards. Cost: Rs.2500 onwards per person depending on group size.

  • Boas Festas :

Each year, every village in Goa celebrates their church or temple feast by honouring the respective saints or deities. Be a part of the celebrations as customs, traditions and old-world charm clash in colour, sound, festivities and general bonhomie, either on rivers, through paddy fields, on hillocks, in processions, dances, plays, music, fairs or even with a touch of the occult. Observe the locals and learn what these ‘zaatras’ and feasts are all about.

Timing: 4 pm onward. Cost: Rs.2500 onward per person depending on group size.

  •  ‘You and I’ :

Go out on a fairy-tale date with your significant other – Be it a proposal, anniversary or rekindling love…go kayaking or cycle around an island or stream around mangroves, try your hand at crabbing & preparing a lunch together with The Local Beat cook, dine on a Portuguese-tinged cuisine at a 250 year old mansion accompanied by serenaders singing hand-picked songs. Later, loaf around the mansion with the owner as she/he narrates stories. End the day with an enchanting walk around the village & a sunset that will linger in your hearts. 

Timing: 10 am to 5 pm. Cost: Rs.10,000 onward per couple

Get a peek into a Vintage House and listen to stories of old
Dine on some Goan delicacies in a heritage home

Terms and Conditions:

* Depending on your group size, distance from hotel & ent. package, prices vary. We will pick & drop you from your hotel, have a local expert along, provide brunch/evening snack & lunch/dinner too. GST is the extra person…As confirmation, we will ask you to pay 100% of your fee (non-refundable) 24 hrs before we start. Booking can be done thru’ internet & mobile. You will receive an acknowledgment over phone/ email within 24 hours. By paying the fees you agree to our T&C’s.

Refund on cancellation: No refunds for cancellations 0-24 hours prior. Full refund for cancellations 48 hours or more, prior to the trip.

At  The Local Beat, tourism is promoted in a responsible way such that nature is not harmed. Besides, The Local Beat works with fellow ‘Goenkars’ (Goans) and shares the benefits mutually.

Contact: Mackinlay Antonio Das MercesBarreto – The Local Beat, Goa on  +91 90499 76761 / 70201 68189. Email:[email protected]