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Locked in without essentials? Here are 5 guaranteed delivery services


Things in Goa have been pretty crazy over the last couple of weeks. What started off as a 3-day stay-in, became a 21-day lockdown which nobody was prepared for. Shops being forced to closed and police patrolling the streets made it particularly difficult to get out of the house and shop for essentials. The CM’s plan to have these essentials home-delivered through delivery services also failed catastrophically, with number lists of suppliers being shared, and none of them working.

Over the last week, however, things have been getting better. With the green light being given to shops to begin operating and delivery aggregators to start operations again, there seems to be some hope for ensuring more successful delivery of essential goods during the lockdown and beyond. You can stop aimlessly trying to call different numbers and getting a dead tone because here are 5 tried and tested delivery methods that work.

Groceries and essentials through Swiggy and Zomato

For most people, the reality of the lockdown set in the moment Swiggy and Zomato ceased operations. For the many office-goers out there who were forced to work from home, the fact that they could not open up the Swiggy or Zomato app and order food meant that sourcing a cooked meal was going to be difficult. 

But fear no more, because they’re back! In fact, apart from just delivering cooked food from open restaurant kitchens, Swiggy and Zomato have teamed up with the likes of Delfino’s, Magson’s, Vishal Mega Mart, Royal Foods, and other essentials providers to allow the delivery of essentials such as bread, milk, eggs, and other groceries. So go ahead and order your veggies and meats from the comfort of your home.

Delivery Service Delivery Service Delivery Service

Fresh bread from Cremeux, Bakehouse, and Dessert and More

Bread is such an important staple. Most mornings don’t start without it, which is why when the lockdown started, trying to get a steady supply of bread became very difficult. Now that the delivery process has been streamlined, you can get bread delivered to your doorstep thanks to the folks at Cremeux, Bakehouse, and Dessert and More. All three companies are supplying freshly baked sliced bread among other baked goods. 

The only caveat when it comes to these delivery services is that the orders need to be made in bulk to justify the delivery. This can be done by checking with other members in your locality or society and making one common bulk order. Also, since the bread is reasonably priced at between Rs. 30 and 40 a loaf, you can pick up a couple of extras for those elderly folks that you know of who are unable to procure essentials for themselves.

You can order with Cremeux on 7774047110, Bakehouse on 8380038810, and Dessert and More on 9921066638

Cold cuts and canned meats from Regos

Packaged and canned meats are great to have in a pinch. They last long and are very versatile. Whether it’s cocktail sausages with breakfast, ham sandwiches for lunch, or some yummy corned beef for dinner, having a couple of cans or packs of meat can really come in handy. That is why to good folks over at Regos are also delivering their entire selection of canned and packed meats directly to your doorstep. You can choose from their complete range of sausages, hams, bacon, nuggets, franks, and more. Their only ask is that you place a minimum order amount of Rs. 500, but that shouldn’t be a problem right? 

To order, message Rego’s on WhatsApp at 7218102373 or 8669625396. You can also call on 0832-2255607475.

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Meat and fruit by Chef Select from The Goan Foodie Essentials

Thankfully it’s become a little easier to find vegetables around, but fresh meat and quality fruit is still difficult to come by. If you’re looking for a fine selection of premium meats and fruits home-delivered, then you need to give the folks over at Chef Select a call. As the name suggests, Chef Select is a premium meat and fruit service originally set up for restaurants, however, due to the Coronavirus crisis and the resultant lockdown, the team over at Chef Select have opened up their portfolio to the public, delivering meats and premium fruits direct to your doorstep. You can choose from beef or pork in various cuts such as ribs, tenderloin, and chops. 

In addition to just meats though, you can also choose from a beautiful selection of lychee, custard apple, cranberries, blueberries, pink guava, and so much more! Chef Select also offers three delightful flavours of kombucha; Strawberry Basil, Black Jamun, and Alphonso Mango Chilli – yum! 

You can contact Chef Select by sending them a WhatsApp message on 9545774455 or calling 7774006633.

Everything else from Amazon

Our final sure-shot recommendation comes from probably the most reliable delivery services of them all, Amazon. Amazon had ceased delivery to Goa initially, but after the ban on deliveries was lifted, Amazon was quick to add Goa, well Panjim at least, back to their routes. While the priority is currently restricted mainly to essentials, Amazon is a great place to find FMCG essentials such as deodorants, soaps, packaged noodles, pasta, rice, baby essentials, and many other products from the Amazon Pantry. Prime members should get their deliveries in 48hrs or less, as usual, however, there is no guarantee. More PIN codes are being added regularly, so hopefully, it won’t be long before all of Goa is serviced.

Have you managed to find any other guaranteed delivery services during the lockdown? Share your experiences and suggestions with us and our readers in the comments section below.