Lok Utsav 2018 starts tomorrow at Kala Academy

The Lok Utsav festival is all set to grace Goa once again at Kala Academy. This annual festival which usually runs for 10 days will take place at the Darya Sangam venue in the premises. Each year, the Lok Utsav presents a blend of folk artistry and handicrafts from all over India under one roof. This is done in collaboration with the Directorate of Art and Culture. Last year’s theme was Ajanta Ellora which depicted the sculptures of the Ajanta Ellora caves.

The set designer for last year’s backdrop was the cultural instructor of art and culture, Kranti Chari. According to her back then, it was not something that was planned; it just happened. She randomly scribbled the rock structures of the historically important Ajanta Ellora caves and since it related to the theme of traditional sculptures the department decided to use it as the backdrop theme. Although the backdrop did not include everything that you saw in the caves it showcased the main theme.

Lok Utsav 2018

This year there will be folk forms and handicrafts from all over India on display at the event. The festival starts on the 12th of January and goes on till the 21st at Darya Sangam, Kala Academy. Around 500 folk artists will also be presenting folk dances and music from their respective states at the open air auditorium between January 13 to 20, from 7 pm onwards. Besides, school children from Goa will present performances like Dashavatar-Aakhyan, Sankhasur Kaalo, Perni Jagor and Khell-Tiatr.


Aa lot of stalls will be exhibiting handicrafts for sale. The festival will also have a variety of food stalls from states such as Rajasthan and other every day from 10 am to 10 pm. Various kinds of workshops on subjects like mud jewellery, patua painting, etc, will be organised.

No plastics at the Lok Utsav 2018

The festival will be polythene-free this year. The Minister for Art and Culture, Govind Gaude said that no vendor will be allowed to use polythene bags. “We have informed stall owners to take measures to ensure this Lokotsav is polythene-free,” he said.

This is welcome news indeed given all the non-recyclable bags that vendors give out at these kinds of festivals. So if you plan on heading to the Lok Utsav 2018, be sure to carry a cloth bag or two for your purchases. Don’t miss out because if the previous years’ festivals are any indication, you could come home with some really great stuff.

Information credit – Navhind Times and TOI


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