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Want to stand out from the crowd, but wearing a simple outfit? Why not pair it with funky jewellery?

Goa is every Indian’s fashion dream with fashion events, designer launches, and Europeans selling foreign trendy jewellery all year round. Hippies, Goans and other Indians who have shifted to Goa have engaged in jewellery making. These trinkets range from simple, elegant and pleasing to the eye, to bold and loud grabbing everyone’s attention. There is absolutely no doubt that Goa creates a vibe of fashion and style statement that is tantamount with the youth.


Markets and Fashion Styles

Fashion in Goa manifests itself in diverse forms. They vary from rural ethnic brass, silver and gold to urban chick designs using mirror work, gems, studs and vividly colored designs.

Flea markets are popular, selling these trinkets for very low cost (depending on your bargaining skills). Friday market Mapusa, Wednesday market Anjuna and Saturday night market Arpora are most popular. There are many stalls in these markets selling a wide range, from earrings, chokers, anklets, chains, rings, and necklaces. Bargaining is a must! All fashion frenzy locals and tourist alike flock to this place. Goa is the centre of Fashion apart from the metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai where likeminded fashionistas gather to shop till they drop.

More than just Jewellery

Goa does not only offer fashion jewellery to tourist. Rather the state has created a regional platform for fashion trend and information exchange. These markets also sell clothes, bags, shoes, scarves and a whole lot more. My advice to you as a Goan, is to indulge in the food and music while shopping. Try out everything Goa has to offer and make the most out of your trip. And if you are bad at bargaining, demand for 30% lower cost that what the seller is offering. If there is a fixed price at a stall, it will be mentioned. I hope you who is reading this will have a wonderful time here in Goa!



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