Loutolim: A peaceful lush green village in South Goa

Located in South Goa, the beautiful village of Loutolim with its lush paddy fields and magnificent Goan houses is truly something to behold. Some of the finest examples of architecture can be seen here in the numerous old houses and mansions that are scattered all over the village. It is also famous for the Ancestral Goa museum that portrays Goan rural life as it was hundreds of years ago.

Loutolim and its surroundings

The village is about 10 kilometres from Margao and is a short drive by car or bus. For as far as the eye can see, the village of Loutolim is a nature lover’s paradise. It is peaceful and serene and has fields leading off in every direction. The Zuari river meanders along, bordering the village on one side and on the other, one can find more beautiful villages like Verna, Raia, Camorlim, Borim and Quelossim all of which come under the Salcete taluka in South Goa.

Architectural marvels in Loutolim

The village is famous for a number of palatial homes which are steeped in history and boast of some of the finest architecture in Goa. One can see the typical shell windows that were prevalent at the time of the Portuguese, the high ceilings and heavy, carved wooden furniture. Almost every grand house in the village has long wraparound verandahs as well. During the olden days, the homeowners used to sit in these verandahs and watch the world go by.


There is much to see here in spite of the fact that this is a village area. Ancestral Goa and the Bigfoot museum, owned by the Alvares family is an absolute delight and a spot worth visiting. The famous Figueiredo mansion is also worth checking out. The house itself was built in 2 phases and is a massive structure. The inside of the house is magnificent with big halls and long passageways all over.  It has an impressive collection of furniture, porcelain, Chinese silk embroidered garments, various costumes and dresses, and 20th-century dinner sets from Portugal and 17th century China.

So if you want some peaceful and quiet but still want to visit a genuine Goan village for a change, go visit Loutolim. it’s perfect for the tourist that wants to see something other than beaches.

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