Situated right on the beach this air conditioned traditionally white influences of pink restaurant works on the adage of ‘love is in the air’. With its proximity to the beach, the 24×7 hour concept and designer meal specials who cannot help but fall in love with the place. Buts let’s talk about the food. The menu at the beachside restaurant – love , is a blend of new world cuisine that experiments with techniques and ideas from different countries. The concept is an elite bistro food where one gets a generous portion with a twist in the dish. The dishes are linked with the house made condiments such as pickles and relishes. Each dish is linked with different condiments such as plum chutney, marinated salami, marinated halumi and bocconcini, cucumber relish etc. Traditionally chefs would be affiliated with one particular style of cooking and stick to it, but new world food has seen a marked shift towards amore relaxed and less specific attitude to ingredient selection and preparation.

The cuisine of the restaurant can be described as multi style cooking from grilling to braising using fresh ingredients and combining it with some regional dish to present it in a unique contemporary fashion. Its traditional but a hot favourite for many. The focus in the kitchens is one fresh local ingredients and seafood. Some of the special delicacies are Herbal Tobacco Smoked chicken and star Anise Soup , duck confit and orange salad with cafreal vinaigrette, Marinated and Stuffed Artichokes Pakoras with tangy relish , drunken spare ribs, Braised Duck and Chorizo Samosa, Dill Pesto Salmon Tikka, Shrimp Pesto Pulao , Fresh Tagliatelle with Mediterranean Lamb Meat Balls and the list goes on. The desserts are a fusion of Indian and international specials. Some of the dessert specials are custard apple Rabri and Faldhari Kebab with saffron crème. So at Love, the restaurant its bound to be ‘love at first bite.’

0832 2267600
The Park on Holiday Beach, Holiday Street, Lane Opp Calangute Mall, Calangute, Goa


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