Low & Slow: A Smokin’ Experience in the Heart of Goa Velha


By Team ItsGoa

In the heart of Goa Velha, off the old highway road, lies a culinary gem that captures the essence of authentic BBQ with a touch of personal flair – Low & Slow. This quaint yet vibrant restaurant, founded by Chef Charlton, is not just a dining spot; it’s a celebration of smoked meat perfection and culinary passion.

A Humble Beginning

Low & Slow started its journey in December 2020 as a humble takeaway joint. With minimal equipment and a heart full of passion, Chef Charlton embarked on a mission to pay homage to iconic BBQ food. The concept was simple – bringing the magic of smoked meat to the plates of Goans, served in the most unassuming ambiance with a seating arrangement of logs of wood.

The Mastermind Behind the Grill

Chef Charlton, Proprietor, Low & Slow

Chef Charlton, with his Chef Management Degree and years of international culinary experience, found his calling in the art of BBQ. From the cruise line industry to kitchens in USA and the UK, he honed his skills. His passion for smoked meat led him to create Low & Slow, a place where simplicity meets excellence.

The Low & Slow Experience

Low & Slow isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a testament to the art of smoking meat. The name itself, derived from the technique used, represents the slow, meticulous process applied to every dish. While the cooking might be slow, the service is surprisingly swift, ensuring diners experience the best of both worlds.

Culinary Delights

The menu at Low & Slow is a curated selection of Chef Charlton’s favourites from his 18-year culinary journey. With a 95% emphasis on smoked dishes, the restaurant offers a range of tantalizing options. From brisket and baby back ribs to gourmet burgers and steaks, every dish is a masterpiece. Not to forget the delectable desserts that round off the meal on a sweet note.

Beyond Food

Low & Slow isn’t just about food; it’s an experience. While diners indulge in the rich flavours, they are serenaded by soulful cover songs that create a soothing ambiance. The restaurant also plans to introduce more live entertainment options such as fusion instrumental music, quiz nights, and bar takeovers in order to provide a more  holistic experience for visitors.

A Cut Above the Rest

What sets Low & Slow apart is its dedication to the art of smoking. The meticulous processes, from brining to dry rubs, and the perfect match of meat cuts with wood, smoke, and sauces, are what make every dish exceptional. The sauces and rubs are crafted from scratch, ensuring a unique and authentic flavour that lingers on the taste buds.

Looking Ahead

Low & Slow is not just content with its current success; it’s aiming for more. The restaurant is currently engaged in intensive research and development, focusing on packaging that preserves the integrity of their products without compromising on quality. The team is striving to bring the goodness of Low & Slow to shelves, ensuring that the flavours cherished within the restaurant can also be experienced at home.

A Call to Savour

In Chef Charlton’s own words, the essence of Low & Slow can only be truly understood by savouring their smoked meat. It’s an invitation to all food enthusiasts and connoisseurs – come, dine, and experience the magic firsthand. As the aroma of smoky perfection wafts through the air, it beckons all to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other.

Low & Slow isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a culinary haven where passion meets perfection, and every bite tells a tale of dedication and expertise. So, for those who appreciate the artistry of BBQ and the allure of smoked delicacies, Low & Slow is not just a choice; it’s a must-experience destination.