Joseph Pereira – 9822143661 Peter – 9822160113 Florancio – 9881482291 Located on the banks of river Baga, at Arpora- Baga, Goa (NORTH). Open from November till April, unmissable, every Saturday 6.00 p.m. onwards, when sun is about to set till late at night. People from different parts of the world meet in a simple, warm and friendly atmosphere where traditional Goan sense of hospitality exists. Walk through the lanes of colorful oriental artisan bazaar, go from one stall to another and surprise yourself with wide range of products. Undoubtedly, a naturally beautiful place to relax, surrounded by river flowing along its boundary and salt water lake forms the internal side, amidst coconut grooves where you tend to forget everything . There is a dance floor for those who like to dance to your favourite music played by live bands. Also amuse yourself to breathtaking performances by Indian/ international artist like acrobats, fire dancer/ Jugglers, Oriental belly dancers and many more that makes your visit to Mackie’s, a memorable one.