Mankurad Mango Mousse and Coconut Dacquoise


By Chef Playton Dias

Mankurad Mango Mousse is a dessert that captures the essence of summer in Goa. This recipe celebrates the luscious and juicy Mankurad mango, which is considered one of the best varieties of mangoes in the state. As a Goan, Chef Playton Dias,  faculty at the Goa-based Kamaxi College of Culinary Arts’ (KCCA) Bakery & Pastry, can attest to the fact that mangoes hold a special place in our hearts, and this dessert is a perfect way to enjoy them in a cool and refreshing way. 

Chef Playton loves the Mankurad Mango Mousse with Coconut Dacquoise because it offers a unique and refreshing tropical flavour that is both indulgent and complex. The contrast between the smooth mousse and crispy dacquoise adds texture and the vibrant colours create an aesthetically pleasing presentation. 

Let’s dive in to create a dessert that will evoke sweet summer memories for you too!

Servings: 12

Preparation time: 45 mins

Freezer time: 12 hours


For Coconut dacquoise: 

Confectioners’ sugar – 135 grm 

Grated coconut – 65 grm 

Ground almonds – 85 grm

Egg whites – 150 grm 

Castor sugar – 50 grm 

For Italian meringue: 

Castor sugar – 90 grm

Water – 20 ml

Egg Whites – 50 ml 

Castor sugar – 10 grm

For Mango Mousse: 

Fresh Mankurad mango pulp – 250 grm

Lime juice – 10 ml 

Gelatine powder- 10 grm

Whipped cream- 250 ml

 Italian meringue – 150 ml 

For Mango compote:

Fresh mango cut into cubes- 200grm

Mango puree- 100grm

Sugar- 25 grm

Corn flour- 5grm


For Coconut Dacquoise

Sieve the dry ingredients separately and then mix it together.

Beat the egg whites and castor sugar until light and fluffy.

Fold in the dry ingredients. Prepare one 9 inch baking ring and pour the prepared mixture in it. Bake in a preheated oven at 170oC for about 35- 45 mins.

For Italian meringue

Mix the egg white on slow speed with 10 grm of castor sugar. 

Boil the water and sugar.

Increases the whipping speed of the machine, when the sugar syrup reach at 105ºc. Wait till the syrup reach to 121ºc then pour it on the egg white. Keep on beating at the same speed till it cools down to 25 ºc. Once the meringue gets cold, keep on beating at low speed instead of  setting aside, the result will be much better.

For Mango mousse

Add little cold water to the gelatine powder and let it bloom. Put it on the double boiler to melt. Add little mango pulp to the bloomed gelatine and stir it until well blended.

Add Italian meringue to the gelatine mixture and mix it well. Lastly add the whipped foamy light cream to the meringue mixture along with the remaining mango pulp  stir delicately. Pour the mixture into the ring mould on top of the baked coconut dacquoise. Freeze it overnight. 

Demould from the ring and slice the mousse cake into 12 even slices. Serve with some fresh mango compote.

For Mango Compote

Bring to boil the mango puree along with the sugar in a saucepan, add corn flour and cook for one minute. Add mango cubes and take it off the flame. Cool it down and serve with the mousse.