RP 2021

Margao meets to demand that the RP 2021 for Goa be thrown out


The day is coming when Goa will no longer be a beach paradise. All the lush green fields, the rolling hills, the forests that are rich in flora and fauna will be turned into a concrete jungle. This is what will happen if or when greedy landgrabbers get their hands on the jewel that is our home state. The process to convert Goa into a mess of ugliness has already begun. The Regional Plan for 2021 or RP 2021 has been designed for that exact purpose. And now people are waking up and making a noise about the same.

RP 2021
Protesters gather at Lohia Maidan demanding that the RP 2021 be scrapped.
Image credit – The Navhind

The fight against RP 2021

Lohia Maidan in Margao set the scene for the beginning of the demand to scrap the RP 2021 and make a new one. The RP 2021 is slated to allow for development in settlement areas. People gathered yesterday evening at 4 pm unanimously demanding the scrapping of the RP-2021 and to prepare a new RP-2031. The villagers want their views taken into consideration with a focus on preserving land for the future generations. Additionally, it was also resolved to oppose coal transportation and nationalization of state rivers.

The protesters held up placards and posters with slogans like “our future generation have right to live,” “scrap the destructive plan RP 2021,” “Our village our opinion, we say no to PDAs and ODPs,” “All 40 MLAs do our job” and more. They took an oath to save Goa from the land grabbers.

Co-convenor of ‘Goencho Avaaz’ Viriato Fernandes said that they have a video in which the TCP Minister is seen demanding the scrapping of the RP 2021 adding, “Today with a U-turn, he has passed the plan.”

The people speak up against the RP 2021

The people of Goa are up in arms over the RP 2021. Some even had words to say on this trending topic.

Ramkrishna Jalmi, leader of Kul-Mundkar Association said that tribal people have been affected by the regional plan. He said, “The new tenancy Act is against the tribal people and therefore we need to fight against it. Prepare an RP-2031 with focus on preserving the agricultural land.”

Arthur D’Souza from Panaji opined that the government cannot plan or do any kind of major development in the state just like that. They need to take the villagers ideas into consideration. He said, “22 percent of dwellings in Goa are empty, still the government is keen on land conversion, we do not know for whom are they doing it.’’

Abhijit Prabhudesai and Swapnil Sherlekar, showing some maps, alleged that under RP 2021, massive land conversion is proposed in every village of the state. They claimed that a road proposed under the plan will mean certain death for many religious structures in Colva, Carmona, Benaulim, and Loutolim.

According to sources, a lot of non-settlement land has been demarcated as the same in the RP 2021. This includes large tracts of agricultural land, orchard land, sand dunes, and green land.

In addition, around 14 leaders within the government were exposed for allegedly converting large areas of Goa illegally for their own gains. This was another reason for the rally held at Lohia Maidan in Margao yesterday. The Navhind Times has more on the story.

Information credit – The Navhind Times