Hauling 250% rise – Marine Overload

Not long after the fishing ban, the Goan markets are flooded with fish. Particularly with tuna.This financial year witnessed a sharp rise of over 250 per cent in comparison to last year. According to the state’s fisheries department, local fishermen netted 5,577 tonnes of the saltwater finfish (Tuna) in 2015-16 against 1,560 tonnes in 2014-15.

Tuna predominantly found in thermo cline areas –a transition where warmer waters from the ocean surface blends with the cooler water towards the sea bed-this year, the local fishermen have hauled in a generous catch. The most common varieties found in the state’s waters are the Black and yellow fin species.

Astonishingly the fishermen have sold more tuna in Kerala than in our own state. Further, figures shared by marine products export development authority of Goa stated that apart from fish exported to other regions of India, 274 tonnes of the fish are being sold overseas.


“Most of the catch from Goa goes into processing of packaged foods. People in Goa don’t consume tuna; it’s only now that they are becoming aware of its nutritional value.” said director of the fisheries department, Shamila Monteiro.

Besides tuna, quantities of golden anchovy catch rose to 174 tonnes compared to just six tonnes in the previous financial year. Ever since the prehistoric era, inhabitants of Goa heavily relied on marine resources as their source of survival. Till date the marine industry holds a prominent position in the state.

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