Proprietor Raghav Shetty provides one with a historical culinary adventure indeed. Climb up a flight of steps with the Matya-sagar logo, the fish in yogic position,perhaps giving you a hint of what is to come. The environment is bright and cheerful, the orange cross cloths on pristine white tablecloths gives the place a fresh look. Attractive pictures and overhead lights with the fish logo beaming down giving one an anticipatory feeling of what is to come. The menu has a family mix on the menu- a tourist’s delight. Indian, Chinese, Goan and a niche Manglorean- Near Dosa, Fish Pulimunchi,Kori (chicken) Rassa,Fish Masala, Mutton Sukha. Try the Mutton Sukha and the Fish masala Fry.The mutton is encompassed with grated coconut, bright orange in colour. It’s the Bedagi chilies-whole pieces of mutton with bone tossed in the spiced coconut.

The Fish Masala Fry, is different too, you might be pardoned for arching your back in that fish pose after this preparation. This Fish Pulimunchi-sour and tangy – is a must order tag for this very tasty preparation. And besides the Manglorean Fish Curry,the menu also features a very tasty local Fish Ooman and some excellent Indian food too. As a family restaurant goes one finds very little to complain about. The food is tasty its value for money, a fish Thali experiencing chakra 1-the crown (your mind) cool through expectations satisfied, your fifth chakra-the solar plexus(stomach) need identified and filled and your base root chakra (near the pocket) not lightened too much. You will arch back and complete the Matsya pose

0832 2411176/ 2411177
Sapna Gardens,1st Floor,Chogm Road Goa


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