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The idyllic little yet wonderful state of Goa with lush greenery, blue waters, unspoilt beaches and ancient monuments provides an unusual experience of Indian and Portuguese cultures. The MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts grabs the spirit of the beautiful state with its natural beauty and entire luxury. MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort is situated on the mouth of the sea and assures its guests absolute wealth of luxury and goodness.

At Betul, Salcete, MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort has been carefully built so as to meet with the standards of some of the finest luxury resorts in Goa. Ideally situated around the Konkan Coast, in addition, it also displays the expanse of the Arabian Sea along with the greenery. Located close to Airport, the lovely spa resort which is overlooking the Arabian Sea offers the most incredible restaurants and bars and also a reassuring Spa to enjoy a leisure family vacation in Goa.

MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa resort is now the first choice for beach vacation enthusiasts. The rooms and suites as well as restaurants, pool bar, pub, resort, big swimming pool next to river, etc only add to the popularity of MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort Goa.


Whether or not you’re in your river-facing room, you are certain to see absolute abundance of beauty and elegance. The interiors of the rooms are very posh which were build with special attention so that nothing is overdone. In here, it is possible to either stay alone and feel the calmness or simply laze about together with family and your friends.

Perfect retreat of solitude and serenity! The suites were created with aesthetic ambience that adorn the big spaces of the guest room in modern style. It offers a private sit -out wherein it is possible to spend some time with your favourite novel or you also can just chat together with your partner.

MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort in Goa is known to pay close attention to their guests in every possible manner and focuses on understanding them better. The services and facilities expands from room to leisure and security realms and each and every aspect is looked after carefully.

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