Meat Shops in Mapusa to get New Building

After setting up a state of the state-of-the-art fish and vegetable complex in Mapusa, the Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) has announced that they will be setting up a new building for selling beef and pork as well. Mapusa Municipal Council has decided to demolish the current building and reconstruct it.

The current building is in a terrible condition. The unhygienic conditions of the area in and around the market can pose a threat in terms of spreading diseases. The mutton and chicken stalls from the building have been shifted to the first floor of the fish complex while the beef and pork stalls continue to be housed there. A total of fourteen stalls will be constructed in the new building.

Construction of a mini sewage treatment plant and the reconstruction of the current public toilet will be of great help to the vendors and public alike. The current drainage flowing behind the meat complex houses a lot of garbage and sewage giving off a stench and inconveniencing the public. The drainage poses a threat to the health of the people as it can cause the spread of an epidemic.


Another problem to be solved is the lack of parking in and around the Mapusa market. I’m sure the Government has a solution in the pipeline for that as well. Improving the infrastructure will be a boon to tourism in Goa.

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