Miracle brings Father Agnelo a step closer to beatification

Will the miracle be a step closer to beatification?

The Miraculous recovery of a child from near death and ill-health brought joy to the devotees and followers of Venerable Father Agnelo de Souza who have been waiting for his beatification for almost a century.  According to reports, the sick child’s fervent prayers to Fr. Agnelo warranted his favour and intercession bringing about the miraculous recovery. Two of the four processes for ‘de Souza’s’ sainthood have been completed and a miracle was needed for his beatification. The pastoral year from June 2016 to May 2017 had been dedicated to praying for his canonization.

Fr. Agnelo
Fr. Agnelo de Souza

The miracle was announced at the Sunday Mass, on 12th November 2017, (during the ongoing Novenas) to mark the  90th death anniversary of  Fr. Agnelo, by the priest. Thousands of devotees throng the holy place during the Novenas every November which culminate on the 20th, his death anniversary. The day is also celebrated by Catholics as the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

According to Fr. Tony Fernandes, Vice-postulator for the Cause of Venerable Fr. Agnelo D’Souza, “The case of the infant’s healing has been referred to the Goa Archdiocese. If it’s suitability for the canonization of Fr de Souza is confirmed, it will be submitted to Congregation of Saints in Vatican.”


A brief insight into the life of Father Agnelo

The sixth child of his parents, Agnelo Gustavo Adolfo de Souza, S.F.X.  was born in the famous village of Anjuna. His birthplace still stands today as a pilgrimage site on the road leading to the Anjuna beach.

Having lost his parents at the tender age of 11, Agnelo grew up with an inclination to a holy life. As a youngster, he taught children catechism. With an older brother as a Priest, he too pursued the Priesthood. Agnelo studied Philosophy and theology at the Patriarchal Seminary at Rachol after which he joined the Diocesan Missionary Society of St. Francis Xavier, Pilar. (Wikipedia).

Rachol Seminary - resting place of Father Agnelo
Rachol Seminary houses the tomb of Fr. Agnelo Pic. Credit :JoeGoaUK

A true shepherd of souls, Fr. Agnelo served the people as priest, preacher, confessor and administrator in all humility and thoughtfulness.

Later, appointed Spiritual Director of the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol on 20 May 1918, Padr Agnelo came to be known as a model priest- humble, prayerful, self-denying and saintly- by the professors and students in the seminary. He was caring and loving to the staff of the seminary and was also referred to as Our Saint, in Konkani Amcho Sant.

Information Source: ToI,Wikipedia

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