‘Mobile tower camouflaged as water tank’ – Uproar in Margao


A mobile tower erected in a 5000 litre water tank triggered uproar in the Gogol Housing Board in Margao.

Mobile Tower well hidden within a water tank

MLA Reginaldo Lourenco along with two Margao Municipal councillors rushed to the site as locals demanded the immediate removal of the tower. Reginaldo and the ward councillor Raju Shirodkar spoke with the house owner. The community lodged a complaint with the municipality for its removal on the grounds that it was built without the permission of the civic body.


“So far, no conclusive evidence has been found on adverse health effects by EMF radiation from mobile handset by the World Health Organisation (WHO)…(and) so long as EMF radiation power levels in the vicinity of base stations of cellphone towers are below the prescribed limits, there should not be any cause of concern for adverse thermal health affects on human beings living close them,” a 13-member committee constituted by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) said in its report in January, 2012.

Reginaldo said that the owner has agreed to remove the tower from their house. Hopefully this resolves the issue in the Gogol Housing Board community.