On the bucket list of every fashionista – Moda Goa


The infamous Goan fashion designer Wendell Rodricks has taken a leap in his career by transforming his ancestral home into a fashion museum.

The 450 year old architectural wonder located in Colvale, will exhibit Goan culture through the numerous fashion phases the state has gone through. Clothes will be the highlight of the museum. The designer also aims at showcasing the cultural evolution of the place.

Wendell had appealed to the local Goan community to come forward and do their bit by donating their vintage collection.

“This move is about the future. What I would like is for Goans to come forward and share their vintage clothing, accessories and jewellery,” he said. Adding, “The donated object will stay for posterity in the Goan families’ names.”

Wendell had admitted to planning Moda Goa Museum for a while. The museum is inspired from the book ‘Moda Goa: History and Style’ authored by the fashion designer himself. Though his ancestral line can be traced back to Colvale village, the house however, wasn’t owned by his family. It was purchased only in 1993 and since then it has remained a permanent abode for the designer and his partner Jerome Marrel, and his seven pets including four dogs and three cats.

“I want visitors to spend two, two-and-a-half hours wandering around, and finishing the tour with my mother’s prawn curry and rice in the cafeteria. There will also be a photographic archive and library for students who want to research Goan history and clothing. I want it to come alive as a place of learning. So, the curator will be trained to do that. I could helm tours if I am around or if there’s a VIP group,” he said.

The conversion of the 450 year old house is set to be completed by the end of 2018 and to keep the Goan essence alive; Rodricks has decided not to introduce any change in the architecture. Goa has greatly inspired the fashion designer. One of his greatest achievements on the ramp was reviving the Kunbi tribal saree. The global icon has now opened the eyes of fashionistas world wide. We can’t wait for the day when Moda Goa will finally open its doors.