Modern meets traditional: 5 Signature cocktails at The St. Regis Goa Resort


Among the growing trend for signature beverages, The St. Regis Goa Resort, a pioneer in creating signature cocktails, has fine-tuned the art of handcrafting the perfect cocktail with locally sourced ingredients and fresh fruit, with a trademark modern twist with traditional flavours.

Pradyumna Shanker, Chief Mixologist, The St. Regis Goa Resort, prepares artisanal cocktails that are handcrafted as per modern trends using scientific methods. He believes in using local flavours and ingredients which are found at The St. Regis Goa’s spice and herb garden itself.

Certain seasonal ingredients produced at the hotel’s garden, like kokum, pepper, cinnamon and ginger play a major role in the farm-to-table concept. These cocktails are truly sensorial, easy to make and bring together global flavours with the resort’s signature concoctions. 

Taking inspiration from the Goan spirit of relishing life’s moments and its vast history, Pradyumna brings to you the top five signature beverages at the resort. 

The Goan Mary

NAME: THE GOAN MARY ( a vodka-based cocktail with an added  flavour of homemade recheado masala as the key ingredient, topped with Celery Foam, Cherry Tomato skewered with Celery)


  1. Wheat Grain Vodka – 45ml
  2. Homemade Recheado masala – 2 bar spoon 
  3. Freshly squeezed lemon juice – 1 fruit 
  4. Salt to taste 
  5. Freshly grounded pepper – 2grms 
  6. Tomato juice -90ml
  7. Soy milk celery foam – to top up 

METHOD :  Thrown / Rolled over Ice 

GLASSWARE: Tom Collins rimmed with Celery Salt 

GARNISH: Celery Foam, Cherry Tomato Skewered with Celery


NAME: PEPO (a gin-based cocktail with cooling watermelon and a refreshing touch of basil with a citrusy twist)


  1. Gin -60ml
  2. Watermelon & Basil Shrub – 30ml
  3. House citrus solution – 10ml

METHOD :  Stirred

GLASSWARE: Old Fashioned glass

GARNISH: Dehydrated Lemon

Summer of Sour

NAME: S.O.S [SUMMER OF SOUR] (a bourbon whiskey cocktail served with with passion fruit for a striking hit and honey syrup along with a garnish of sugar paper embossed with a stunning sunset print)


  1. Bourbon Whiskey -60ml
  2. Passion fruit syrup  – 10ml
  3. Honey syrup – 10ml
  4. Freshly squeezed lime juice -7.5ml
  5. Freshly squeezed lemon juice -7.5ml
  6. Mango juice  – 30ml
  7. Magic velvet – 6 drops 

METHOD :  Shaken in a Calabrese Shaker & double-strained

GLASSWARE: Cocktail glass

GARNISH: Sugar Paper Printed with Sunset Graphic.


NAME: PIMENTAO (a tequila-based drink with freshly squeezed lemon and a few drops of honey syrup which ensures bright and refreshing notes) 


  1. Tequila -60ml
  2. Freshly squeezed Lime Juice  – 15ml
  3. Honey syrup  – 10ml
  4. Green Bell Pepper – 3 grams 

METHOD :  Shaken & double-strained 

GLASSWARE: Old Fashioned glass Rimmed with Sea Salt 

GARNISH: Pickled Bell Pepper


NAME: ESTUARY (a cashew feni cocktail with freshly squeezed lime with a pinch of salt and a twist of centrifugal juiced kokum)


  1. Premium Cashew Feni  -60ml
  2. Freshly squeezed lime juice  – 15ml 
  3. Salt  – a pinch (1/4th bar spoon)
  4. Centrifugal juiced kokum  – 30ml  

METHOD :  Built & Stirred  

GLASSWARE: Old Fashioned glass 

GARNISH: Kokum Leaf