Momz Kitchen

This beautiful restaurant is multi cuisine and it largely caters to families from the surrounding area.The head team consists of Ajay, Akansha and Rohit. The family team combined with the chefs and other service staff make up the whole crew. Ajay having the immense experience is the brains behind the operation. Armed with a hotel management degree and also prior experience of running a restaurant gives this titan a bonus in deciding what goes on the menu.

Akansha shares Ajay’s enthusiasm and is serious about the cause. Managing the counter and interacting with the customers to make them feel comfortable, Akansha acts as the unofficial PRO (Public Relations Officer). Rohit after dabbling in marketing for most of his career has decided to put his experience at a good use. With a good product like MOMZ kitchen in hand, he knew he had made the right choice. Entire management of the restaurant rests on Rohit’s shoulders and he effectively manages it.

Momz kitchen has some of the most experienced chef’s in Goa. A team of 5 cooks, with each having almost a decade of experience under their belt. They have worked in various sectors ranging from shacks to five stars in cities like Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.


Momz kitchen was started with a single idea of catering to the families in Porvorim; after realizing that there were no adequate places for families to go and enjoy a meal together in Porvorim. Their main goal is customer satisfaction and profit is a secondary aspect.

This team definitely works really hard every day to get the best meal for every person that walks into their restaurant. They personally see to it that your meal is just the way you want it and as hearty as ever.

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  1. My visit to the restaurant was amazing. Food and service was amazing as well as not pricey compared to nearby restaurants I used to visit before. Now Momz kitchen is my favorite place to visit with family and friends.

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