Monsoon-Proof Your Gear:  Worry Less, Play More!


Are you a musician worried about your precious instruments during the monsoon season? Lester Rodrigues, one of Goa’s most popular musicians and the founder of shares invaluable tips on preserving and safeguarding your favourite musical instruments from the monsoon perils.

By Lester Rodrigues

Remember that cool, rainy evening when you felt like strumming a tune from the comforts of your balcão and your guitar strings were caked with fungus? Or that stab of terror when mildew took over the drum-top surface? 

If you own musical instruments, Goa’s torrential monsoon is a season for care and precaution. 

As the rain pours and humidity rises, wooden instruments like guitars, violins, drums and pianos are particularly vulnerable. Increased moisture can lead to swelling and warping, affecting their playability and tuning. Metal instruments such as trumpets and saxophones too face the risk of rust and corrosion without adequate protection in the rainy season. 

To ensure your instruments’ longevity and optimal performance, preventive measures are critical. Proper storage and humidity-control play a crucial role in preserving their quality. Guitars need to be safely stored in cases within a controlled humidity space. Dehumidifiers can help maintain optimal moisture levels while avoiding exposure to warm and humid environments.

Pianos are more complex, sensitive instruments and investing in a humidity control system like the Dampp Chaser Humidity System can significantly extend their lifespan. Such systems have the capability to stabilise humidity levels and keep the piano in better tune, especially in regions like Goa which experience extreme humidity. 

Drum kits, though sturdy, still need tender loving care during the monsoon too. One ought to regularly and thoroughly clean and wipe the drum kit after each use to clear out moisture and prevent rusting of metal parts and screws. 

Using a small swab can greatly benefit instruments like the saxophone by helping to soak up moisture from tricky-to-reach spots.

Protecting your sound equipment is equally crucial during the monsoon season. Failure of internal components, like capacitors and resistors, can lead to performance issues and downtime, leaving you in a lurch. You can prevent such crises by installing dehumidifiers or using silica gel packs to maintain ideal moisture levels around your sound equipment, when in storage. A humidity sensor can help effectively monitor and adjust humidity levels as needed, ensuring consistent performance.

Moreover, during the monsoon, high-power static currents pose risks to electrical equipment. Proper grounding is key to protect your devices from potential hazards. A robust grounding system creates a low-noise electrical environment, enhancing the safety and functionality of delicate electronic equipment.

I would also emphasise on the habit of protecting electronic devices by covering unused ports, wires and outlets with dust covers. Regular maintenance, like wiping down devices with a soft, dry cloth, helps eliminate accumulated moisture and dust. Using a dry cloth is crucial to prevent equipment damage and dust-resistant rack mounts can also offer added protection.

With these preventive measures, you can safeguard your valuable music gear cometh rain. Your instruments and sound equipment will stay in impeccable condition, allowing you to create beautiful melodies for years to come. 

So, worry less and play more, knowing your investment is well-protected from the clutches of the monsoon season. Let your music transcend seasons and if you are lucky, generations too. 

(This article has been authored by Lester Rodrigues, Founder of and lead artist of the popular A26 band) 

Lester Rodrigues, Founder of Sell My Gear