Mud Huts to Tree Houses – Goa’s Eco-Resorts


Have you heard of eco-resorts in Goa? Well on your next trip do your bit to save the environment without compromising on your comfort.

Turn away from the typical “touristy” resorts and perhaps stay in a stylish eco-resort in Goa that offers everything from unique tree house accommodation to comfortable beach lodges with perfect picturesque views of Goa. How does a platter of organic food served at your table, accompanied by soothing massage therapy together with natural and rustic Goa sound? Want to know more?

Eco-Resorts in Goa

Yogamagic Eco Retreat

This resort promises a romantic getaway with a twist. Based in Anjuna, this retreat promises an oasis of peace and a sense of calm. It has secluded luxury tents, boutique suits and eco-lodges to choose from. The tents and lodges feature solar halogen lighting and waste management using EM. The hot showers get their heat directly from the sun and where possible buildings are constructed from locally sustainable materials such as mud, clay, stone, bamboo, jute, wood and palm leaves. You can indulge in ayurvedic massages, or eat your way on a delightful journey in gourmet vegetarian Indian food bursting with flavour. All the ingredients are picked from organic spices, salads, vegetables and herbs.

Saraya Eco-Resort

Saraya is a Sanskrit word which means, “to begin, to flow.” Their vision is to bring people together to create, share and experience art, food and living in rhythm with nature. Guests can stay in eco-friendly earth houses or tree houses. While constructing, they were influenced by the natural landscape and the houses were built around the existing trees. This kept the environment intact and also incorporated the plant life into the living spaces. Each guest house features a roof made from heavy duty, transparent plastic which has been reclaimed and recycled. This was necessary to protect visitors from harsh weather conditions in Goa. The plastic is covered with palm leaves, to give shade, mosquito nets are provided and there is a bamboo ladder staircase leading up to each property. The balcony is also constructed of bamboo, where guests can sit and gaze over the local scenery adding authenticity to the experience.

Wildernest Goa

Nested in the forest of the Chorla Ghats, these wooden cottages give exclusive and picturesque views of the valley and waterfalls. The place offers short treks which includes one to a waterfall in the forest and offers a good experience of the flora and fauna (especially the birds and snakes). The Malabar pit viper & green wine snake, along with a few varieties of birds create a bond between you and nature. The buffet includes vegetarian & non-vegetarian, freshly prepared local cuisine with locally sourced ingredients which are wholesome, tasty and authentic.

What are you waiting for? Take in the crisp mountain air and watch the mesmerizing sun set.