Mumbai Floods August 2017- A Natural Calamity?


Due to the Mumbai floods, vehicles from Goa were asked to go back and were not allowed to enter Mumbai. The traffic situation in Mumbai was horrific due to heavy rains causing a nuisance. All Goa-Mumbai flights were delayed as per schedule timings yesterday.

Image: @bandrabuzz

Goans traveling to Mumbai were stuck on their way and weren’t able to make it. A taxi driver from Goa travelled to Mumbai to pick up a customer and was held up for hours in the Mumbai floods. Luckily he reached back home safely along with the customer.

Goans who have families in Mumbai found it difficult to communicate with them during the massacre. People were stuck at their workplace, hospitals, stranded at the airport, railway stations helplessly watching others struggle and helping some they could. There were those who couldn’t reach back home in time.


Goans in Mumbai spoke about the Mumbai Floods 2017

The situation here was pretty bad yesterday but we were in the office safer than those stranded outside. We tried to help people and give them shelter. We were stuck here for hours, and reached home at 2:30 am. And today It is so bright outside as if nothing ever happened.
-Clotilda Cardoza (Goan working & living in Mumbai)

Our Principal issued a notice asking students to not risk coming to college if weather conditions continued to be as bad. Exams have been postponed. Things seem bad out here hopefully everything gets in place and everyone is home and safe.
-Renita D’souza (Student)

Citizens of Mumbai showed their true spirit again, as they came forward to help people stuck in heavy rain. This is one such moment where everyone realizes that no one is bound by any religion, we are human beings and more than that we are Indians ❤️ Proud to be one among such people. Thank you for all the help.
-Mahesh Naik (Student- Goan in Mumbai pursuing higher studies)

I can’t say no to my customers. I kept my word and drove all the way to Mumbai from Goa to pick up my customer. Mumbai was blessed with rains but the Government hasn’t treated it the right way. No proper drainage system, trees were collapsing right in front of my eyes, people were struggling to reach home, there was no electricity, it was terrible. It is a miracle we are back home safe. Hopefully we don’t experience the same here in Goa.
-Taxi Driver- Goa

Flashback 2005 Mumbai Floods

mumbai floods

Many people struggled a lot and tried to survive the floods. Unfortunately, a woman and a teenage girl were victims of the Mumbai flood and lost their lives in two separate incidents. The 32 year old woman fell into a ‘nullah’ while the girl fell into a drain near a mall and drowned.

People are blaming the BMC for not taking precautionary measures. It’s been the same situation for years. Meteorological Department have forecast very heavy rainfall in 11 states including Goa and was issued moderate flood warning.

Is Goa prepared for such a situation? We can not call it a natural calamity. People in charge must take measures in order to avoid any sort of problem caused further.