Murder and rape have become synonymous with Goa

‘Goa police announce reward for info in rape-murder case’
‘Slain Goa fisherwoman may be victim of necrophilia: CM’
‘Czech woman found murdered in Goa’
’60-yr-old man arrested for killing partner in Goa’
‘Russian woman found dead in Goa hotel’

the Scarlet Keeling case not so long ago.



Murder and rape have become synonymous with Goa. Can Goa be termed as ‘safe for women’?

Many cases go unreported to avoid hype in the media.

Monica Ghurde, a 39-year-old aroma specialist, was found dead in her Sangolda apartment on Thursday afternoon, stripped and bound to her bed. “Her body was found nude in bed, with her hands tied behind her back,” DIG Vimal Kumar told TOI.

Police are yet to ascertain the motive behind the murder. The body has been sent for post-mortem. However, marks had been found on her neck as reported.

Monica had been carrying out her perfume business from Goa. Being known as India’s best perfume designer, with collaboration projects in New York and Europe, besides India.

Seems like Monica was robbed besides being raped and murdered, suspect the police.
Monica was the daughter of a late Mumbai judge. Her husband, Bharat R, a photographer, whom she had met in 2001 and married in 2004, lives just a few kms. east in Defence Colony, Porvorim.

Monica’s maid had reportedly arrived on Thursday afternoon at her flat.  The maid telephoned Monica’s brother in Mumbai on getting no response. The victim’s brother, called her neighbours as they had a spare key to her apartment.  On opening the door, seeing her lifeless in bed, they were shocked.

There was a time people living in Goa could sleep soundly at night with their windows wide open. They did not find the need to secure their windows and doors with grills, bars or gates. Then, people bolted doors to keep wild animals out.

‘Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end…”, these are the lyrics of a famous song.

How I wish it were true today. That was the erstwhile Goa, Goa of yore.

Finally the trial takes place…

As per a report in the Herald dated March 6th, 2017, the trial has begun. The police had filed a 283-page indictment against Rajkumar Singh, the security guard, who is said to have committed the crime due to a grudge he harbored against Monica – He was sacked from his job after Monica complained that he had robbed her umbrella. Owing to that he was not paid his salary for two months.  He is currently in judicial custody.

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5 thoughts on “Murder and rape have become synonymous with Goa”

  1. If she were there as tourist, her death would not be mentioned as murder to avoid bad publicity. I hope her killers can be caught so she can get justice. The same can not be said about tourists.

    1. Systems all over the world are corrupt. Things like this happen more frequently the world over. It’s much less frequent in Goa. We hope that with time, the system gets more professional and crime is at bay. And especially, Goa becomes a safe tourist haven.

  2. It is not only women that lose the lives in Goa but majority are actually men. I lost my nephew Felix Dahl 2015 and since then have done extensive work trying to get justice for his killing and have researched not only the tourist killings but locals as well. It seems that the typical victim is actually a male with the age group 20-40 years old. During the last 10 years there have been hundreds of cases and usually they do not get investigated properly and guilty are left free. The system works same for everyone and at the end no one gets justice.

    1. Hi Sanna Cutter, I’ve been following your comments and so has my colleague. If you like we could put a whole article on your story. Can you give us the statistics that you have compiled to prove your case? However, it will be put up according to our discretion.

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