Nagarjuna Ayurveda Clinic which was established in 2001 in Margao, has the catch line which says “science in tune with nature” not only encompasses the wholeness of ayurveda but also gives a prominent sense of satisfaction to the patients which undergo treatment in this clinic. The clinic was started in Aquem, Margao and still runs there principally but also has branched itself in Cavelossim since last 6 years under the name of Nagarjuna Health and Wellness Medispa. The Aquem center runs basically on the OPD basis, whereas the Cavelossim center is equipped with well furnished A/C and non A/C rooms and villas nearby the silently flowing river Sal and bathed in the breeze from the sea. Both of these centers have facilities for Panchakarma which is a detoxification procedure for the body and mind, as described in ayurveda. The specialty of these centers is that they have traditional and authentic way of ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments.

These therapies are patient oriented and also disease oriented. There are specific therapies for psoriasis, rheumatisms, asthma, allergies. Over the period of time, these therapies are developed by the doctors over here with the experience and under the guidance of their gurus. The recently developed therapy is the therapy for the ‘prevention of complications of diabetes’. This therapy is scientifically designed for the better health of micro-vessels which are the culprit in most of the diabetic complications. The diagnostic skills of Dr. Pranav and Dr. Sneha, who are the chief consultants at these centers are very well known to the people of not only Goa but also European countries like Germany, Holland and Austria where they go frequently for the consultations and Panchakarma. Dr Pranav is especially skilled in the diseases of sense organs and the nerves. Dr Sneha is a specialist in panchakarma therapies and also has a special training in gynecological diseases.