Natural Springs in Goa To Try Let Your Worries Flow Away


Goa is famous for its magnificent and incredible beauty. Throughout the years, many people go to the region to witness the herbal splendour and to sense comfy from each day pressured life. On one hand, the place the vicinity gives you with some adventurous activities, on the different hand, it is acknowledged to provide the much-needed peace of thought to the human beings through offerings like natural springs in Goa. 

There are few herbal natural springs in Goa that is one of the most favoured preferences of many people. Here is the listing of some of the famous names of herbal springs. 

Kesarval Springs 

Starting the list of natural springs in Goa is the beautiful Kesarval falls. They have a lot more going for them than the magnificence and awe of just another waterfall. These falls, sometimes also known as Kesarval Springs are renowned for their medicinal properties. The waters are purported to heal ailments of the body and to have rejuvenating properties. 

The minerals in the water come from the hard rock face that it pounds through. The springs are accounted to be a great natural spa. 

Location: The Kesarval Spring is located near the village of Cortalim just off the Verna plateau.  

Things to do nearby: Exploring the tropical vegetation, admiring the natural beauty, relaxing 

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Pomburpa Springs 

This spring is one of the best natural springs in Goa that can be visited with the entire family. The place is one of the major attractions for many tourists and thus, is one of the most visited places in North Goa. 

Many visitors and tourists visit the spring to relax by bathing in the crystal-clear water of the spring. One of the popular festivals of north Goa known as Sao Joao is also celebrated along the sides of this spring. There is no entry fee and it is extremely hygienic and clean place to visit. 

Location: Pomburpa, Goa 

Things to do nearby: Nearby plantation area 

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Nageshi Temple Springs 

This spring is located in one of the most popular temples in Goa, the Nageshi temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a unique structure that plays an important role in attracting the people towards the place. 

There are glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling of the temple which enhances the beauty of this spring. The best time to visit the spring is summers when most of the people visit this place to have a bath and rejuvenate themselves. 

Location: In the Nageshi temple 

Things to do nearby: Visiting the temple, visiting the Gopal Ganpati temple, and tropical spice plantation 

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Ambora Springs 

You can visit this spring throughout the year. The spring is available within a village in the Loutolim region. The local resident of the place believes that the water of the spring is blessed with healing powers and so uses it for curing different types of skin infections and diseases. 

This spring is visited by many tourists throughout the year. There are small fishes in the springs and they are known to eat the feet’s dead skin leaving brilliant skin texture. This is one of the major activities that are done in this spring. 

Location: Loutolim, Goa 

Things to do nearby: Admiring the nearby rocks and natural beauty 

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Udear Springs 

This spring is one of the most popular springs in south Goa and is also one of the major attractions for the local residents and worldwide tourists. The spring is mostly visited by the young crowd of south Goa. 

The spring is surrounded by lots of greenery along with a small cashew plantation which further enhances the beauty of the spring. Monsoons are the best time to visit the spring as the water level is high during that season as compared to the other seasons. 

Location: Verna, Goa 

Things to do nearby: Soaking in the greenery which surrounds this spring 

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Boca de Vaca Springs 

Last on the list of natural springs in Goa is Boca de Vaca. This spring has a Portuguese design and has decorative lights that enlighten the surroundings of the spring every evening. The spring flows through a tunnel which brings in the fresh and clean water for the visitors. 

The spring water is known to bless people suffering from diseases and thus people from all around the world come to visit and collect water from the spring. The decorative lights and background music make this spring as one of the most beautiful springs in Goa. 

Location: Near Mahalaxmi temple in Panjim 

Things to do nearby: Visiting the Mahalaxmi temple 

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