Near-fatal collision between Ertiga and tourist bus at Sangolda yesterday

In what seemed like a near-fatal collision yesterday on CHOGM Road, Sangolda, a speeding tourist car while overtaking near the Desai Cashew shop and Liquor Mart, collided with an oncoming 24 seater tourist bus. The bus driver, a resident of Goa, had the presence of mind to swerve off the road. Despite this, the impact badly damaged the car and bus on the driver’s side.

Badly damaged corner of the bus. Pic. Credit: Jessyl Fernandez
The CHOGM Road, Sangolda, North Goa, where the accident took place. Speeding traffic is uncontrolled leading to innumerable accidents. Pic. Credit: Jessyl Fernandez

Had it not been for the bus drivers presence of mind, the accident could have proven fatal for the car driver. The bus veered off the road and landed on its side. Fortunately to break its fall were bushes and trees that helped the passengers to come out unscathed.

Near-fatal collision
The toppled bus lying on its side supported by the trees and bushes Pic. Credit: Jessyl Fernandez

While talking to the bus driver, he seemed shaken and said that if he had not swerved the way he did, the car driver would have been fatally hit. The bus owner, Xavier Baretto off Amigos Tours and Travels, Panjim, who was present at the site said that the bus driver had never met with an accident before. The bus driver, though shaken seemed to be alert and in his senses.

The bus driver standing in a chequered shirt visibly shaken. Pic. Credit: Jessyl Fernandez

The Karnataka registered car owner, a Sikh, had his family in the car. An aged mother and wife. They were totally shaken and transferred to another vehicle soon after. According to sources, the Sikh was said to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

It was a miraculous escape for the driver of the Suzuki Ertiga and around 24 tourists in the bus who escaped unhurt.


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