Parrikar plans ‘Home for the aged’- Cows, now!


Home for the aged Cows?! – A new development during Question Hour of the Goa Parliamentary session on 25/7/17. Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar in reply to a question by Congress MLA, Pratapsing Rane, said that the State Government would come up with a scheme to rehabilitate old cows till death.

Former chief minister, Pratapsinh Rane (Congress), had said that farmers found it unaffordable to maintain old cows and old non-milk yielding cows were a burden to farmers. “What do we do with them? All farmers face this problem?” he questioned.

Parrikar:  ‘Till death do us apart!?”

According to Parrikar, “The economic viability of maintaining a cow lasts till it gives milk. Once the cow becomes old, it is uneconomical and unaffordable for the farmers.”   He said the state government would prepare a scheme to provide financial help to the farmers to maintain old cows (those who have stopped yielding milk), till the cattle’s death.

Parrikar said the scheme would be worked out in next two to three months, on the lines of the state’s Stray Cattle Management Scheme.

Stray Cattle taken care off? Now old Cows will be too

“On the lines of the scheme for management of stray cattle menace, a scheme for sustaining old and non-milk yielding cows will be introduced,” the Chief Minister said.

Cow slaughter has been banned in Goa since 1978.

Information credit: Sifyfinance