NGO asks for the annual fishing ban to be extended to 90 days

Goa Consumer Action Network (GOACAN) has suggested that the annual fishing ban observered for 61 days in Goa should be increased to 90 days. The NGO also intends to write to the state fisheries department in this regards. This comes after the forum’s recent meet in regards to depletion of fish in the state.

“There has to be proper legal education among the fishing community about the changing times and demand for fish. A longer breeding period is better,” GOACAN convener Roland Martins was quoted by ToI. He suggested that the fisheries department make a list of breeding seasons for individual species so that the general public is aware and can make informed choices.

‘Know Your Fish’ is a website that provides information about when different species of fish breed, the time or period to consume it  and when to avoid eating them.


“We will mention to them (fisheries department officials) that such a website exists. They need to decide whether or not to adopt it. The department needs to be proactive in sharing such information with members of the general public,” Martins said. A memorandum by the NGO is expected to be submitted by June 5.

The annual fishing ban has come into force from today. Mechanised trawlers aren’t allowed to catch fish during the ban period. This is done to allow the fish to breed.

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