Why is there no ease of doing business in Goa? Top businessmen answer


A news channel recently hosted a panel discussion comprising of leading businessmen of Goa.  The panel discussed many topics, but ‘ease of doing business in Goa’ was discussed very passionately. Key issues plaguing the Goa business sector were highlighted.

Reasons for the situation

The panel spoke about how difficult it is to conduct business in Goa. They said lack of labour had just added to their woes. Besides, threats from activists caused them huge losses because time and money are being spent on fighting court cases.

“No businessman wants to be tagged as illegal. Have you imagined what a businessman goes through after investing crores of rupees? You are made to invest and then labelled as illegal. There is no ease of doing business here,” said Srinivas Nayak, Director, Casino Pride group. (Source: PTI)

He further went on to claim that many business families in Goa have left the state for the very same reason. “This is a time for introspection. How many business families existed in Goa 10 years ago and how many are there right now? Why have they shifted out of Goa?,” he added. (Source: PTI)

Manoj Caculo, Chairman & Managing Director of Goa-based Caculo Group, expressed his sentiments on ‘many businesses not operating by the law’. He said this was mainly due to a lack of check (regulation). He also mentioned that getting licenses was very difficult.

Commenting on the ‘ease of doing business in Goa’, he said, “As far as ‘ease of doing business in Goa’ is concerned, the ‘ease’ seems to be like a bad word. The ruling party never gives due importance to the business community.” (Source: PTI)

Datta Nayak of the KDN group said that it was difficult to develop real estates in villages owing to tough rules. “Due to which, constructions are only happening in the cities, escalating the prices of the real estate,” he added. (Source: PTI)