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‘Yummilicious’ Junk Food in and around Schools no more


A moment of rejoicing for all parents of school going children. Pizzas, burgers, aerated drinks along with other ‘yummilicious’ junk foods may soon be out of school and college canteens. In a bid to restrict children from consuming junk food, the Food Safety Regulator is preparing a negative list of products that are high on salt, sugar and fat to prevent their availability in and around the schools’ vicinity.

Latest assessments by various international agencies, including World Health Organization show a high rate of obesity among children and adolescents in the age group of 5 to 19 years. The list will have all the food items which are known to have a negative impact on health if consumed on a regular basis and also those foods now desirable for young children.

The list is most likely to include children’s most favorite chips, pizzas, burgers, aerated drinks, noodles, sugar sweetened carbonated drinks, ‘french fries’ and a few other fattening treats. According to doctors, these kind of foods have a direct impact on Childrens’ health, educational attainment and quality of life.

The draft suggests a restriction in the sale and availability of these so-called unhealthy food items within 50 meters of a school’s premises.