No more partying in Goa. Like seriously? Last few days to go…

However euphoric a moment can be, you have to accept the fact that it can’t last forever. In a recent statement, Goa Water Resources Minister Vinod Palyekar insisted on a complete ban on drug-ridden rave parties, and partying on beaches in the coastal state, Goa.

Loud trance music, funky lights, cigarettes, booze, and drugs, is generally what people think of what parties in Goa are like.



“Our coast is infested with the sale and trafficking of drugs. There is absolutely no control over it. We need to stop it. First of all, we need to stop the rave parties and all night parties which are happening here as there is an abuse of drugs in them,” Palyekar told reporters.

“You’re not allowed to go to club ‘X’ because they sell drugs there.”

“Goons will spike your drink, loot and rape you.”

“All bad people go to such places!”

You must have heard these lines at least once in your life! How true is all of this?

This has been the common scenario of what partying is like. But if it’s true, the next day you wake up with great difficulty holding your head. That is IF you wake up early! A headache + hangover are two common things. Which is bad… 😉

Goa is shown in a bad light for all the wrong reasons.

But despite this, people still go clubbing. Why do people long for it? Why do people take hours to groom themselves to go to a place where the unexpected is expected and are still fine with the consequences?

From the blush of youth to the young grown-ups who can party way harder than you…

You get to meet people who come there to meet other people, not necessarily for similar reasons, but my point here is, you have something in common. Everyone wishes to get away from their daily life once in a while. In these situations, people don’t really care where you came from, what you’ve done or why you’re here.

“Late night parties are not part of our culture. We need not encourage them. They should be shut down immediately,” Palyekar said.

“Despite several warnings and reminders late night music goes on till 3-4 am which is creating problems not only for aged people but also to the student community who are answering Board exams,” he added.

Vinod Palyekar represents the Siolim constituency in North Goa, which has many popular beaches visited by lakhs of tourists on a yearly basis.

On Palyekar’s statement, Michael Lobo said as of now, ‘rave’ parties were not happening in the state. But he said as far as late night music parties are concerned, music was a part of the Goan culture.

“If music is played (at parties) within restricted levels then there is no problem,” he said and added that there should be certain special zones across the state for such parties. (Agree or not? Drop in a mail at [email protected])

Vinod Palyekar says that the government has already stopped 80% of these parties. And within two weeks, all the parties will be shut as the police have already been instructed, in a report.

But, the Goan government has announced that all clubs and pubs that support a late night dance culture are going to be disallowed in exactly two weeks time in Goa.

This means no more after parties at Tito’s, Mambo’s, CTC, LPK or even Club Cubana. For that matter,  no more any kind of partying that have got to do with dancing and music late night in Goa.

Parties were one of the things that brought in tourists to Goa. Now that’s the same thing the Government is making a reason to completely stop in two weeks.

This means you have only about two weeks to come down to Goa. And make the most of the famous parties till they come to an end and become history.

Palyekar says, it was the police crackdown on late night parties in the Vagator area that caused such a decision on the part of the Goan government.

According to our Minister, stopping such rave parties and partying is the first step in stopping the infestation of drug trade along the coast.

This basically means cutting down on tourism…

What do you think?

Is this the right way to combat the drug trade?

What other measures should have been taken?

Send in your comments, drop in mails, contact us and tell us what you feel…

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  1. Goa needs no such tourists they must go back from where they came.
    We welcome healthy and environmental friendly tourists

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