Wooden Homes

Now you can have fully constructed wooden homes in 48 hours


If you have a plot of land and are looking to construct a home, you know that it could be a rather expensive affair. Not only do you need to source and procure all the raw materials, but you need to find the labor, and competent architects as well. All this could take months of planning and construction, and Lakhs of Rupees before your house is ready. But what if there was a way to have all of this done for a fraction of the cost, and a fraction of the time as well using a different medium – wood. That’s where Wooden Homes India comes in.


Built from the family tree

Wooden Homes India is a company carved out by a family that has been crafting wood since the last five generations. Mr. Caesar Fernandes inherited South Goa’s premier Camilsons Industries in 2006 with the sole intention of keeping his family’s legacy alive. With the company’s renowned skills in carpentry, woodwork, and craftsmanship already in place, he decided to venture into areas like sanitary wares, interior designs, and outdoor furniture. But it was not until the year 2010 when an unpleasant experience of a stay in a wooden home got him thinking about developing wooden homes of a strong aesthetic quality that was also cost-effective. This is when the idea of Wooden Homes India was born.


Too wood to be true

Wooden Homes India has developed a wide range of wooden homes ranging from children’s playhouses to eco-friendly resorts across Goa and other parts of India. Being a privately owned, debt free and a vertically integrated company, innovation, technology, and customer satisfaction are the bloodline of the highly skilled team. This has allowed them to achieve and set the highest benchmark in the industry in a short span of time. Wooden Homes India’s uniqueness lies in their fully equipped factory which has empowered them to indigenously design and develop various models specifically meeting the needs of clients. Offering custom made designs is something that many fall short off in almost any industry, however, Caesar says “buyers want exactly what they dream, and as a company, we thoroughly understand it, create it and deliver it”.


Wooden you want to stay here?

Creating a wooden cottage sounds like a mammoth task, but the process has been streamlined using the latest in technology. This allows Wooden Homes India to construct a cottage in just about 48 hours. Custom designed cottages are built as per the design and floor plan advised by customers. The designs and specs of such cottages are exclusive and will not be repeated for a second customer. Structures are prefabricated as per the design and specification and are assembled on site. All the buyer has to do is provide the plinth or base as per the layout and specifications which will be advised at the time of purchase for all products other than turnkey projects. The roof is a three-layer structure. A primary layer of wood is placed, with a secondary layer of weatherproof material and an exterior layer of asphalt shingles. The wood itself is the finest Canadian pine wood which is processed, tested, handpicked and certified by FSC ensuring highest standards of quality most suited for construction projects. It is also weather coated to withstand any tropical condition, and pest treated to resist termite and any other wood bug increasing the life span, durability and the strength of the wood.

A number of beach resorts such as Montego Bay, Ocean Bliss, La Cabana, and Estrella Do Mar use wooden cottages built by Wooden Homes India. So if you’ve got a small plot of land and are looking to build yourself an all-inclusive wooden cottage, then you can contact Wooden Homes India on 27770126 or 8805021234. You can even mail Caesar directly on [email protected].